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Morris Minors on The Beach

make sandcastles that look like Morris Minors
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Sand castles are so passé, so bring out the Morris Minors.

They work in exactly the same way as sand castles ie you fill them with damp sand, press it down well, then deposit the resulting shape unto the beach. My small dream is to have a two way traffic stream of Morris Minors snaking down to the water's edge as the tide creeps in.

xenzag, Jul 25 2012

How many left? http://howmanyleft....mbined/morris_minor
[hippo, Jul 26 2012]


       Are these real Minors or just Minor shaped buckets?   

       Chillean ones?
TomP, Jul 25 2012

       I suspect the outer skin of an actual Morris Minor would work quite well, windows replaced with steel sheet and all welded into one piece of course.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 26 2012

       My first car was a Morris Traveller [+]
hippo, Jul 26 2012

       I can recall my dad's Shooting Brake with its lovely wooden framed windows, and quarter lights.... Who now even knows what they were?
xenzag, Jul 26 2012

       Not many left now (see link). They were still reasonably common in the late 80's/early 90's and what I particularly liked was that if you were driving one around London then and saw another Morris Minor or Morris Traveller (the "shooting-brake" version), if you politely raised your hand to salute the other driver, they would inevitably smile and salute you back.
hippo, Jul 26 2012

       Adult men who admit to dreaming about minors in beach attire (whether Morris or other surnames) should be closely watched by the authorities.
jurist, Jul 26 2012


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