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Make Cone Candles

Roll up large mylar drafting sheets into a four foot long cone and pour hot wax into it
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Pour one cup of hot wax into the cone at a time and rotate the cone continuously until a uniform layer hardens. This is a two person operation with one person watching the wax melt in the double boiler. When the thickness is 3/8 inch, set the cone, base down, in a pot of 1/2 inch hot wax and cool quickly to form a base.

Never melt wax on a red hot burner, in a single pot or leave the room. Do not walk with a pot of hot wax in your hand. Do not thow water on hot, (burning) wax. Have a large wet old towel/fire extinguisher on standby to smother a hot wax fire.

The wax should have the usual plastic hardener in it for strength. That's why I don't burn candles. These look elegant without burning. I don't see large cone candles on the internet. They are difficult to ship.

mensmaximus, Dec 29 2004

Conical Candles and Molds http://search.juno....y=conical%20candles
BAKED. [DesertFox, Dec 29 2004]

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       Your idea is big conical candles? I don't think this constitutes a new idea.
contracts, Dec 29 2004

       Waffle cone?
Mr Burns, Dec 29 2004

       Your idea is big comical candles?
normzone, Dec 29 2004

       I must say this:   


       Check the link.
DesertFox, Dec 29 2004

       //This is a two person operation with one person watching the wax melt in the double boiler. //
Can I be the one that watches, please?
gnomethang, Dec 29 2004


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