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I'm a millionaire!

Random homeless guy is given $1M, a house, and staff
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So, this reality TV idea is that a homeless guy is found and given $1M (after taxes), a house, and staff (staff is only available for the duration of the show and will help with investments maid service, etc.). Then he's taped.

There are so many ways this show could fail miserably or succeed wonderfully but obviously the homeless person would be selected carefully to maximize the likelihood of high entertainment value. Maybe pick one with an interesting family or one who has aspirations of being a playboy. To a weak extent this type of thing has been done on shows that give random people a new house or whatever, but this goes a step further and rather than focusing purely on all the joy of their sudden windfall, it focuses on the aftermath and follows him around for a while to see it.

aguydude, May 06 2008


       Save money and just follow lottery winners and watch them screw up their lives as their relatives come out of the woodwork.
MisterQED, May 06 2008

       To make the show cleverer, you should get 12 homeless people and ask which ones of them want to be millionaires, and the *last* one to raise their hand gets the money.
phundug, May 06 2008

       I think this idea has already been pretty much done to death already with huge coverage in UK tabloid newspapers of any lottery winner with the slightest chav-like qualities.
hippo, May 06 2008

       [marked-for-deletion] - WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR, Trading Places anyone?
gnomethang, May 06 2008

       ...Moses had a staff...
xandram, May 06 2008

       This reminds me of the movie trading places! lol man I wanna see this lol holy crap dude he would prolly house all his budies u know and have a whole mess of ex bums gettin into trouble prolly seting up serious drug schems... wow be fun to watch
wuhisn, May 07 2008

       //"Illiterate mess in aisle four!"//
Pedants, bring a mop.
Err, make that a shovel...
(And [wuhisn] was correcting some-one elses spelling on another post...)
neutrinos_shadow, May 07 2008

       Is "prolly" another word for "umprella"?
wagster, May 07 2008

       This idea was done already, but with an order of magnitude less moola.   

       The whole thing was recorded, from the dumpster-diving superstar finding his 100k, to the same guy back in the dumpster after it was all blown on the usual crap...   

       Interesting show nonetheless.
TIB, May 07 2008

       I'm a grammar man, and we bleed on the inside. But [wuhisn] wouldn't know that because he's big Barry White-looking mothe ...
nomocrow, May 07 2008

       Did someone mention "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"? If so forgive me, if not: not only am I being redundant, but so is this idea. (I'll look for a link later when I have time).   

       Nick Nolte is really scary.
blissmiss, May 07 2008

       This is baked crispy.   

       There's an age old tale of a prankster King who, for fun, got a beggar to drink himself into a coma.   

       Once thoroughly inebriated, the King's servants were instructed to dress the poor sap in regal garb, seat him on the throne, and give him the royal treatment, making him believe he was actually the King, just for laughs.   

       After a few punch drunk episodes of rags to riches and back again, the doke wised up and monopolized his advantage by treating the royal staff to privileges that the usual King would never care to grant.   

       No surprise - the King's facecious abdication turned into permanent reality; the Kingdom was never better, and the King was absolutely successful in proving that stupidity is not a consequence of status.
Macdaddyx1, May 08 2008


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