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Make Them Pay!

Pay-per-view executions
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With Texas having performed their latest execution yesterday <link>, and another occurring soon, I wondered...

What is accomplished by executing a person? In my mind I could not think of anything. But, what if something good could come of that? Enter PPV Executions.

A certain portion of the U.S. population has a lust for violence and killing. Texas has a lust for executions. Marry the two and charge for livestream executions. The money raised (minus production costs) would go to the victims families. They could even have a "Premium View" for the sum of USD$5,000 which would enable the viewer to follow the inmate's last 24 hours. See them eat their last Meal. See them being led to the death chamber. See the IV lines being inserted. For an additional USD$25,000 the viewer could hurl abuses upon the condemned which could be played over a speaker system. This premium would allow for 10 minutes of verbal abuse per purchaser.

The Ultimate package would cost USD$100,000 and would include everything above, plus it would allow you to be linked to the execution drugs through your smart phone or computer. At the appointed time, the security lock-outs would be lifted and the sole purchaser of this package would press a key and could legally kill another human being

Advertisers would be welcome on the livestream. Product placement could generate additional revenue. "When a single soft drink is all you can have, make sure it's a Mountain Dew" or "Get the BIG bucket from KFC. Don't worry about the fat and cholesterol, they won't kill you."

PPV Executions...a winning combination!

Klaatu, Apr 25 2019

Texas Death Count https://www.tdcj.te...uted_offenders.html
Now...improved with "Last Words" [Klaatu, Apr 25 2019]

Innocent man executed https://en.wikipedi...ron_Todd_Willingham
"...the arson evidence was misinterpreted" [Klaatu, May 15 2019]

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield https://memory-alph...ttlefield_(episode)
Some things really are black and white ... [8th of 7, May 18 2019]


       This could be irony, satire, or if you're writing from the Lone Star State an Executive* Summary of the pitch to potential backers ...   


       *This might be a pun, a poor choice of adjective, or a genuine attempt to be clever. We are not currently in Texas, so leave it to the audience to decide. Answers on a postcard, please.
8th of 7, Apr 25 2019

       Executions - not exactly a popular category on the hb. I suppose if there were beheadings, there could be a Neckflicks channel.
xenzag, Apr 25 2019

       This would likely have the effect of raising more opposition to the death penalty, so [+].
notexactly, Apr 25 2019

       [notexactly] you won the prize. The mass, public beheadings during the French Revolution helped to sour the populace on those executions.   

       We have cloaked our killings with drugs that make the condemned unable to speak out and with the antiseptic clinical smell of a "clean" execution. It is so easy to be a proponent of the death penalty when you don't have to watch a (sometimes innocent <link>) person be killed.
Klaatu, May 15 2019

       Hi [Klaatu]. Long time no see.   

       Yes, death penalty has to go... as do many offences designed to keep the privatized prison systems profitable.   

       wait, sorry, come again? how does the death penalty make prisons more profitable? I would think life in prison would make prisons more profitable?   

       /Klaatu/ surely we're not inventing public executions here?
theircompetitor, May 16 2019

       // how does the death penalty make prisons more profitable?//   

       It doesn't. Privatizing prisons is just another problem which leads to a greater conviction rate.Too many of those convictions are false including death-penalty crimes.   

       When it becomes profitable to keep prisons full then money will be spent to ensure that not only are they filled to capacity but also that many more get built.
That is exactly what has happened.

       There's a buck to be made.   

       [-] A chance of making psychopaths is not worth a goal.
wjt, May 17 2019

       Psychopathy is inherent in the individual (although it may be latent).   

       Psychopaths are born, not made. No combination of circumstances will cause an average individual to become a psychopath, and the condition is incurable. It can only be controlled, or more usually contained.   

       Fortunately there is an institution specializing in the care and useful employment of such people ; it's called the Royal Marines.
8th of 7, May 17 2019

       If that is true, nurture pressures are going to be even more important.
wjt, May 17 2019

       Didn't work with Jeffrey Dahmer ... his parents were totally normal, did their very best for their child, and sought help from multiple agencies.   

       He still killed and ate people. Despite considerable efforts, nurture had no significant impact on his psychopathy.
8th of 7, May 17 2019

       I doubt, when it comes to the psyche there will ever be a perfect black and white line. One individual does not make the rule.
wjt, May 18 2019

       // perfect black and white line. //   

       Yes, there is.   

8th of 7, May 18 2019

       <link> I wonder if given a chance, evolution would have given quarters onto checks and eventually an optical illusion interference colour..
wjt, May 18 2019

       // This would likely have the effect of raising more opposition to the death penalty//   

       I disagree. While in the long term execution was recognized as unworthy of civilized people in the mean time the French were pretty enthusiastic about it.
Voice, May 23 2019


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