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Make a Wish Party

Political party that grants the wishes of the nation's dying children
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I want a free jet pack, and an XBox. And ice cream for breakfast, and health insurance.
Wisconsin, Feb 11 2005

Make-a-wish Foundation http://www.wish.org/
Exists in the US as a foundation--how is this a political party exactly? [Etymon, Feb 11 2005]


       //how is this a political party exactly?//
They promise to do what the dying children want, but can safely renege because the children die.
angel, Feb 11 2005

       I thought this would be a party like the one in the last chapter of Finn Family Moomintroll where the Hobgoblin grants every creature in the forest one wish. Oh well.
wagster, Feb 11 2005

       Didn't Jimmy Carter switch to the Habitat-for-Humanity party?
half, Feb 11 2005

       I don't know, but the Ikea-for-Inhumanity party has just launched in North London.
wagster, Feb 11 2005

       Better yet, how about a Dungeons and Dragons party? They could decide government policy based on the roll of the dice.
jaksplat, Feb 11 2005

       A surprise party would be exciting.
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2005

       And in the US, the elimination of the marriage penalty in the tax code brought the fast dissolution of the Bachelor Party
theircompetitor, Feb 11 2005

       Then of course there would be the nicknamed Preservationists who want to keep everything in air tight plastic containers...(burp - oh, excuse me)
half, Feb 11 2005

       And the Reservationists that are running on the "Never Have To Wait In A Restaurant" platform
theircompetitor, Feb 11 2005

       And what about the contortionist party..."There's no angle we can't negotiate"
ORISIS, Feb 12 2005

       ..all on our tab, of course. I'll pass.
spacer, Feb 12 2005

       I made a wish, it was for a party. And the first guest sent an invitation, was an angel. (So very nice to read your words again.)
blissmiss, Feb 12 2005

       oh i get it, the idea is all about healthcare!
schmendrick, Sep 25 2005


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