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Malcolm OXO

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To commemorate the brutal shooting of civil rights leader Malcolm X, I suggest the gravy makers OXO bring out a commemorative cube called the Malcolm OXO, in which the normal packaging is enhanced by addition of the word "Malcolm".

This will
i) be commemorative, which is topical
ii) be original, as it's not been done before
iii) be a potential focus point of a thousand-cubed (1,000,000,000) person march in which a great number of people take to the streets (and/or facebook) to express their opinions in the corporate/social/civil-rights event of the century.
iv) it would be relatively cheap to do,
v) potentially increase sales and raise the corporate profile of what is otherwise a company that only deals with beef derivative products.

Zeuxis, Dec 02 2013


       Ask the people at OXO how the business is doing. You know what they'll say: "It's all gravy."
theleopard, Dec 02 2013

       No one could possibly find this proposal exploitative or cheap. Apple should do it too - following the success of OSX 'Mavericks' we could have OSX 'Malcolm'.
hippo, Dec 02 2013

       How about a divorce lawyer, trading as "Malcolm Ex"?
pocmloc, Dec 02 2013

       By associating myself with a beef product AND the ever-present advancement of equality and human rights, I can look like a thoughtful person on social media - and one who's partial to gravy as well.   

       I love the Apple idea - other mobile users could download an "app" that allows them to compare and rate OXO cubes in a fun and interactive way - all while promoting equal rights for all.
Zeuxis, Dec 02 2013

       How about running a chicken farm called 'Malcolm Eggs'?
hippo, Dec 02 2013

       //How about running a chicken farm called 'Malcolm Eggs'?//   

       You could set up franchise fried-chicken shops, selling Martin Luther Wings...
theleopard, Dec 02 2013

       <Insert clever tic-tac-toe OXO reference here.>
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2013

       Malcolm X-Box
FlyingToaster, Dec 02 2013

       Heinz in on the act with their By Any Beans Necessary campaign.
calum, Dec 02 2013

       On the level of branded slave name, the cattle livestock and the soupstock are branded as a totalizing of the identity. The cows are slaughtered with halal, kosher, and scientific standards.
rcarty, Dec 03 2013


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