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Meat and Cheese Ritz Pez Dispenser

Perfectly sliced for your Ritz crackers
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Summer sausage, pepperoni, salami, turkey... Swiss, cheddar, monterey jack...

All so good on Ritz Crackers, I want to make it easy to eat. When making meat&cheese-on-a-ritz, you tend to keep a plate, with the said pieces, to put together. This lends a danger to an otherwise peaceful scene.

Oh how easy it is to bump the plate whilst watching TV!

If we could load up uncut tubes of meat and cheese, with a pack of ritz crackers, into a Pez-dispenser type affair, we could have the ultimate.

Press back the head of your favorite actor/cartoon character/president and out pops a Ritz cracker topped with a slice of meat and a slice of cheese.

Thin wires are used to cut the meat and cheese to your desired thickness, and the pieces are guided ontop of the cracker before falling perfectly into your waiting hand.

DesertFox, Nov 09 2006

Is this close? http://www.freepate...ne.com/5640897.html
I found this on google, on the 1st page. "meat cheese dispenser" not very pez like though. [youngtimer, Nov 09 2006]

(?) Ritz/Salami/Cheese Dispenser http://www.gsnmagaz...hange_dispenser.jpg
I suspect that a contraption similar to this belt-worn change dispenser used for illustrative purposes would be more practical and easier to engineer than your standard Pez dispenser. Also, the sliced portions would be closer to bite size and you can manually vary the order of your ingredients with each press of a lever. [jurist, Nov 09 2006]


       I assume there must be more then 1 "pez tube" elsewise the cracker gets a bit soggy. But how do you keep the things fresh? A refrigeration unit? Or is a single setting device? I'd like to imagine that it spits out pez sized meat and cheese cubes ontop of a mini pez sized cracker but rereading it, I guess you meant to use the full sized snack. Oh well, one could think of all sorts of pez sized bits that it could distribute, from veggie bits to bite sized morsels of peanut butter. I like it anyway. [+]
youngtimer, Nov 09 2006

       Yeah - more than one tube. I'm imagining something like a triple-barreled shotgun, triangle style, with the crackers in the front, and the meat&cheese in the back 2, getting pushed onto the cracker right before it gets dispensed.
DesertFox, Nov 09 2006

       Is this for single use?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 09 2006


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