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Meal Prep Bags

Clear, thick plastic stand-up pouch/bag, with multiple compartments inside to hold separate portions of different foods.
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Meal Prep bag would have double-ziploc to ensure good seal. It would have multiple compartments inside to allow different foods to be put in each compartment (eg. chicken & rice in one compartment, yogurt in another compartment, fruit slices in another compartment)

See: https://bit.ly/2GD31BT

sanman, Apr 25 2019

The above link, made clickable and more direct https://www.clearba...sset/stand-up-pouch
A page of stand-up plastic bags with zippers but without compartments inside [notexactly, Apr 26 2019]

Consumer linked carbon capture Consumer-Linked_20C...ure_20and_20Storage
[bs0u0155, Apr 26 2019]


       I see where this idea is going!. There is a possible improvement - by carefully separating the compartments you could create two independent bags. This could be useful in some circumstances, imagine being able to microwave chicken and rice while maintaining the yoghurt and fruit in a cool, non-boiled state. Taking the idea further, you could have the bags be independent at the begining. This would mean no wasted compartments if you only wanted one food type, it would mean that the compartments could be separated in space, perhaps two different storage locations?
bs0u0155, Apr 26 2019

       ...and then dispense with the plastic, as we shouldn't be using single-use plastics any more, and make the bag out of something edible, and you've invented the Cornish Pasty or, for spicier food, the Samosa.
hippo, Apr 26 2019

       //we shouldn't be using single-use plastics any more//   

       we are obligated to! <link>
bs0u0155, Apr 26 2019


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