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Many Worms Mescal

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High end liquor is all the rage. First it was gin and vodka, now tequila - what next? BUNGCO is proud to introduce Many Worms Mescal. Mescal has always been the ugly cousin among distilled spirits, chiefly because of its immensely foul taste. Indian lore long ago proved that the toxins in mescal could be absorbed by the addition of an agave worm.

Many Worms Mescal uses this time honored principle to completely rid our Mescal of all toxins and impurities by first filling the bottle with worms before filling it with mescal. Nestled among the interstices of the worms, this mescal is purified to a high drinkability. The opaque cloudiness is a natural result of this process. BUNGCO scientists have determined that the addition of a variety of worms improves the beverage even more, and so (depending on availability) you may find up to 80 different worm, grub and caterpillar species in your bottle. Collect all 80!

bungston, Mar 26 2005


       Or you could stick to gin.
DrCurry, Mar 26 2005

       Once I saw a bottle of alcohol with two lizards in it -- pretty gross.   

       On the note of mescal -- I wonder if other plants have been used as alcohol bases -- Ayahuasca, mushrooms, morning glories, datura...   

       And what about putting one of those psychadellic frogs in the bottle?
JesusHChrist, Mar 26 2005

       Why not put a fish in there with all the bugs?   

       Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Icky.
justibone, Mar 27 2005

       [JHC] For you, wouldn't it be 'magic' mushrooms?
froglet, Mar 27 2005

       For me there's no such thing as magic, only sufficiently advanced technology
JesusHChrist, Mar 27 2005


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