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Many tools, one handle

One handle for multiple tools
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An axe, a sledge hammer, a pick, a log splitting maul, a ulaski... all require a similar handle. I suggest a fiberglass or wooden handle with a threaded male end that would screw into a female threaded hole in each implement. A safety pin would run through the head of the tool and the handle to prevent the head from unscrewing from the handle and flying off. With only one handle required one does not have to pay the dollar cost of a handle for each tool, less storage room would be required for all the tools, and the shipping/packaging cost for the whole set of tools would be less.

(Added Feb. 22, 2007): This concept would also work for smaller hammers such as claw, ball pein, dead blow, copper, brass and soft head, body hammers, etc.

Sunstone, Feb 10 2007

Paint brush with detachable handle http://www.freepate...ine.com/4471507.pdf
A device along the same lines of thought [Sunstone, Sep 11 2010]

A 2008 patent application number 20080313858 for this idea http://www.faqs.org...nts/app/20080313858
I am not Dan Blom, the invention is still under application it appears [Sunstone, Sep 11 2010]

Modular garden tool system http://beprepared.c...en-tool-system.html
Many garden tools, one handle [Sunstone, Feb 07 2015]


       Tools with removable heads is as baked as tools themselves. What you seem to have 'invented' is a handle.
etherman, Feb 10 2007

       I thought this said 'many tombs, one handle'. I was intrigued.
imaginality, Feb 10 2007

       I think this is a good idea. Maybe "they" could come up with a univeral handle that manufactures adopt. Then when you accidentally run over your shovel handle, you just zip over to the Depot and buy a new handle. Plus, since you're only needing one handle, it can be a super nice one.   

       I would prefer some sort of quick release over a screw system though for rapid interchange between heads.
proee, Feb 10 2007

       No no no. No to fiberglass. And a hammer needs a completely different handle than an axe or what ever. -
zeno, Feb 11 2007

       I've used a double-bitted axe with no problems, even though its handle is much more like a pick or a sledge than a regular axe. It shouldn't be too hard to develop a good all-around handle shape that is good enough for part-time use by amateurs.   

       For the connection, I suggest using the interrupted screw as found on the breech blocks of big guns. It's fast and strong, and would only require a small locking mechanism.
baconbrain, Feb 11 2007

       [proee] Most tool handles are pretty standard. Any good Ace hardware will have a selection.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 12 2007


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