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Musicians’ Swiss Army Knife

Loads of essentials in one handy device
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Contains nail clippers (essential for stringed instrument players); pick dispenser; wire clippers to remove ends of freshly-changed strings; allen wrench set for quickie bridge adjustments; drum key, etc. Perhaps coke spoon and cosmetics compact for the hair-metal model.
snarfyguy, Nov 05 2001

The Roadie Rench http://www.guitarsi...ase/Stores/rec/925/
There are other versions of the same idea. [angel, Nov 05 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

KISS Army knife http://www.halfbake...KISS_20Army_20Knife
Selflessly Selfish [thumbwax, Nov 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Don't forget the tuning fork.
Helium, Nov 05 2001

       Reed dispenser for woodwind instruments. Drumsticks. Mixing desk. Marshall stack and PA system. Spare band members.
CoolerKing, Nov 05 2001

       Needles for voicing the piano hammers
bristolz, Nov 06 2001


(I know someone who repaired a cellist's finger with superglue right before a big concert. The cellist had a deep cut on the pad of the index finger on her left hand. Putting a plaster (US: Band-Aid) on it would have made it impossible for her to play)
hippo, Nov 06 2001

       I want a heavy duty metal file for sharpening the point of my cello's floor spike. Sometimes the front row of the audience just rustles those sweetie wrappers once too often.
lewisgirl, Nov 06 2001

       [Rods Tiger], I can confirm that cyanocrylate has legitimate medical applications. My sister is a sports trainer who is licensed to treat cuts with the glue instead of stitches. Apparently the glue allows certain types of cuts to heal faster and with less scarring. According to rumor, cyanocrylate was developed originally as a medical adhesive for hasty "repairs" on the battlefield. I don't know if there is any truth to the rumor.   

       Back on topic, I fail to see merit in a single tool that tries to do everything. My experience with these all-in-wonders is that they don't do anything very well. However, a small emergency toolkit that has some multipurpose tools and supplies is a good (but well-baked) idea. Add one or two special purpose tools for your instrument, and you are all set.
BigBrother, Nov 09 2001

       1) I just had the exact same idea a month ago and actually went trough the process of buying the clippers to start the kit...   

       2) I met a flamenco guitar player that reinforces his nails by layering superglue and toilet paper over the nail, he told me it is a standard technique favored amongst most gypsy flamenco players...
fantomaz, Jan 09 2002

       A small screwdriver for those with aging flutes (and other instruments) that keep wanting to fall apart.
-alx, Jan 09 2002

       earplugs in case one of the soloists' playing is less than can be deisred...
bezzzie1, Feb 08 2004

       And the knife blade for tuning bodhrans and banjo skins
thorpie, Oct 26 2004

       And nut files for the guitar maker. And a wood hygrometer.
bristolz, Oct 26 2004


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