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power pack

a worn capacitor bank that provides convenient but short lived power.
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ingredients: 6x 350 farad 2.7 v maxwell ultracapacitor 1x LM2596S buck converter "step down voltage regulator" 1x LM2587 boost converter "step up voltage regulator" 1x TP4056 1 amp lithium charger 1x 18650 lithium ion cell 1x 10 amp toggle switch 1x roll of fishing line nylon backpack or bag to be harvested for parts.

wire the boost converters output to the ultracapacitors wire the buck converters input to the ultracapacitors

wire the charger to the lithium cell and the lithium cell to the boost converters input with the toggle switch inline on the negative wire.

wire output of buck converter to desired application, 12 volt dc barrel plug for example.

using the backpack/bag as a source of fabric and strapping, secure all components on a sheet of fabric with sewn fishing line. sew on cover and straps to be used in a diagonal arrangement from shoulder to opposing side of waist.

tune trim potentiometer on boost converter till output equals 16.2 volts maximum. "clockwise is higher counter clockwise is lower"

tune trim potentiometer on buck converter till output equals desired voltage, assume max current of 3 amps, higher draw would overheat and damage it.

once completed the device is charged by microusb with a current of 500 ma, avoid using usb chargers with a rating higher than 500 ma to prevent overheating.

If shorted the power pack could supply as much as 360 amps, this would warm the capacitors slightly and destroy the converters.

To prevent this you should only use the pack once you have seen ohms law in practice and understand it.

theinvolvement, Sep 18 2014


       You forgot to mention "water-proof".
not_morrison_rm, Sep 19 2014

       [theinvolvement] acquired his account on March 12 of 2009, and has not until this date annoed or posted an idea.   

       An amusing first entry in the register, and long in the dwelling. The buck converts here, apparently.
normzone, Sep 19 2014

       Sometimes I wonder if these unintelligible first/only posts are the faint cries of "mama" by fledgling online AI's. Crude attempts at either communication, or at least expression.
Custardguts, Sep 19 2014

       Unlike many, and despite the lack of punctuation and capitalization, this idea does make practical sense.   

       While there are some objections on the grounds of cost-effectiveness and self-discharge, [theinvolvement] has a notable understanding of the basic principles of electronics and should be encouraged.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2014

       And what's more, it's in a sensible category, not Other:General ...
8th of 7, Sep 19 2014

       [teslaberry]'s an emergent AI, what?
the porpoise, Sep 19 2014

       // emergent //   

       Sp. "emetic"
8th of 7, Sep 19 2014

       (conspiracy theory) So perhaps one of us (or of somebody or something else!) has seeded the Halfbakery with sleeper accounts, and periodically activates one of them?
normzone, Sep 19 2014

       [norm], apart from you we are now ALL the other accounts. You're the very last one we need to Assimilate. And we know were you live.   

       [theinvolvement] , do you have the figures for the all-up mass of the device, including packaging ? And what it's physical dimensions will be ? Knowing the basic energy storage density of the device would allow a reasonably direct comparison against Nimh and Li-ion batteries.
8th of 7, Sep 20 2014


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