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Pick'n'Mix Multi-tool

Choose your own selection of tools
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I own a couple of multi-tools, but there are a few of bits that get very little use. What I'm visualising is a multi tool style handle, perhaps with just the fold out pliers, with the pins that hold the blades in place removable. You would be able to buy knife blades, saws, awls, tools for removing boy scouts from horses hoofs, whatever and add which ever ones you think you'll need.
dare99, May 30 2002

Gerber's build your own multi-plier http://byo.gerberblades.com/
Gerber allows you to design your own multi-tool, but you are still limited to selecting sets of tools. [mighty_cheese, Jun 02 2002]


       You look like you could use a reamer, just comeinto the back of the shop, where we keep the best reamers...
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       those boy scouts eh? I have a bit of one in my teeth as we speak.
po, May 30 2002

       Mix'n'match your pick'n'mix' multitool tools in the pick'n'mix multitool tool bays.
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       Very good idea. Add a power source to the tool and watch the viable options multiply.
dag, May 30 2002

       Thinking further, the modules should be sold in matched pairs to maximise space usage.
dare99, Jun 01 2002

       Sadly, Gerber no longer wants you to build your own multi-plier. I have an mini-multi-plier wich is branded by eddie bauer. It dissasembles very easily, and you can swap in blades from other (sacrificed) mini plier things. Some people have done similar things with leathermans, at some expense of effort.
tiromancer, Jan 18 2005


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