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Mario Brothers EEG/EKG

Mario Brothers theme music is mapped to the vital signs of the patient
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In the world of bioinformatics, experts are always looking for more efficient ways to present large amounts of realtime data to doctors. For surgeons, it is especially important, and so they often rely on other doctors to keep an eye on the data as it comes in. And since many of the up and coming surgeons gained hand/eye coordination through childhood videogames, I propose a system that aggregates the data into a sort of gestalt vital sign condition, and plays the Super Mario Brothers (1) song in accordance. The cadence would be set by the heartbeat of the patient, and if disaster strikes, like say a bleeder, the "high speed, running out of time" version of the song plays. Likewise, each phase of the operation could be given a different song - the "underground" theme could be used for serious invasive work, the "cloud" theme could be used when the patient is semi-conscious (as is the case with some neurosurgery). Also, when an injection of painkiller or adrenaline is administered, the "invincible" theme plays for a bit. Med students could watch and listen for songs as they learn about the procedures, as in "Uh oh, he severed that femoral artery. Here comes the fast music..." This system would allow doctors to get an overview of patient health, and it would serve to liven up what might be an otherwise morose and serious operating theater. For added fun, you could pump the music live into the waiting room, so the family has a pretty good idea of how the surgery is progressing.
tourist, Oct 14 2005

Make sure to keep a powerup handy! http://www.qwantz.com/posterchild/
Slightly off-topic: How to make real-life Mario Bros powerups. [jutta, Apr 04 2006]


       ACE. I have the Super Mario Bros tune as my ringtone. It has the wonderful effect of irritating the hell out of almost everyone except geeks, whose respect I gain effortlessly. Have a croissant for your troubles.
rodti, Oct 14 2005

       What I want to know is how many people found themselves singing the themes? Although I was having trouble remembering the cloud theme.
PollyNo9, Oct 14 2005

       [PollyNo9] Singing it? There were lyrics?
rodti, Oct 14 2005

       I've had the damned SMB soundtrack going through my brain for the last hour, just because I saw this idea on my root page.   


       (Doink, doink, doink, doinkdoinkledoink, doinkeedeedoink da doink doink da doinkydoink...)
shapu, Oct 14 2005

       is it true that Karl was the least funny of the marx brothers?   

       sorry, keep reading this as the marx brothers...
po, Oct 14 2005

       One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas.
Cedar Park, Oct 15 2005

       Take my means of production, please!
zen_tom, Oct 15 2005

       Never played SMB and I can't imagine anything worse in a hospital than repetitive game music, especially when used to monitor ten different patients in a ward. So why am I bunning this?
wagster, Oct 15 2005


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