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Or butter, jelly, marmite, ketchup, and whatever condiment you want....
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A small tube is stuck into the jar of condiment of choice. The tube is attached to a device containing a small pump. The pump is connected to a hollow blade

The pump forces the condiment into the blade's inside, where it exits via the slot cut into one side, in the middle of the flat part.


The middle line is the slot, the others are the edges. This way, you can spread your condiment with a knife easily and messlessly.

For a quick rinse between condiments, push "High Pressure Rinse" while the tube is in a cup of water, and change to a new blade.

Blades, tube, and hose aredetacheable for easy cleaning.

DesertFox, Dec 26 2005


       Nice idea, although the pressure needed to force marmite through this contraption would be considerable.
Mr Phase, Dec 26 2005

       Yes, you might want it to have long handles like boltcutters.
normzone, Dec 26 2005

lurch, Dec 27 2005

       Not exactly a ladle, but I see some buns in your future you might use it on. This should get baked.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 21 2006


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