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Metabolizable electricity for humans

Em wireless chargers can be used to supply humans with energy with a modification to human biology, do that then much food is replaced with higher energy efficiency and the end of hunger as a feeling and a social influencer
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Electromagnetic(EM) phone chargers radiate EM then the phones pick it up and fill up the batteries.

I think the same can be done with humans, creating new energy efficiency at kilocalorie production. This also frees humans from the social and environmental effects of producing food, improving human well being.

A variety of bacteria produce little magnetite internal objects. Improving the shape of these to absorb specific EM energies and linking the new excess electrons to regenerating ATP is one system to turn EM into ATP. Genetically engineer humans to have this capability, making near sufficient nutrition from just electricity.

Another possibility, although I could just be being optimistic, is to try putting electricity through an electric eel and see if it generates ATP or other cellular energy at the eel. Then genetically engineer that less research- intensive system into humans.

Interestingly Dave Pearce, who wrote the hedonistic imperative, which is much deeper than "wonderful and getting better is achievable and also a duty" but has elements of that, advocates the idea of all species being happy. One thing supporting this is an end to all forms of predation and ending hunger. Nonhuman animals engineered to live off of electricity could mingle freely without risk or incentive to eat each other, improving their lives. I support Dave Pearce' hedonistic imperative.

beanangel, Dec 02 2018

Dave Pearce' Hedonistic Imperative http://www.hedweb.org
[beanangel, Dec 02 2018]


       // Nonhuman animals engineered to live off of electricity could mingle freely without risk or incentive to eat each other, //   

       This ignores the typical response of all sentient life to hate - and immediately attempt to destroy - everything perceived as "other", even if it's not usable as a food source.   

       Although more sophisticated and benevolent cybernetic life forms don't seek to destroy other sentient life forms - merely to add their technological and biological distinctiveness to their own. You will be Assimilated. Resistance is futile.   

       // improving their lives. //   

       After a fashion, yes ...
8th of 7, Dec 02 2018

       Strength through diversity was always an admirable Borg quality.   

       We could always build battery-powered robotic kitties.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2018

       Will free-floating ATP in the bloodstream get used? Can cells be instructed or engineered to put their ADP into the bloodstream? Do we have a technological way to turn ADP into ATP?   

       If so, just implant a device that uses an induction coil to pick up power from any Qi charger and turn ADP into ATP. Then you can recharge your body by putting your hand on a charger, at a rate of 5 W less inefficiencies. (I suggest the hand not just because it's convenient, but because its high surface area-to-volume ratio makes dissipation of waste heat easier.)
notexactly, Dec 06 2018

       This is all well and good until the engineered magnetite particles get old and Apple throttles the performance.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2018

       I should note, in regard to my above suggestion, that the human body's idle power consumption is around 100 W (IIRC).
notexactly, Dec 06 2018

       Objectively, there would still be competition for scarce energy resources, which the unduly blissed-out would tend to lose. Even Freud grudgingly recognised a "reality principle" as well as a "pleasure principle".   

       Subjectively, it's hard to see how Pearce's project differs from taking opiates until you die.   

       Yes, I know, I'm the life and soul of the party.
pertinax, Dec 06 2018

       One small, bijou snagette with this idea is that calories are only a small part of the human dietary requirement. You'll also need at least a handful of essential amino acids, some fibre, a bunch of vitamins and trace elements, and a bunch of other stuff. They could probably be delivered by email (though some of it would presumably be Spam).
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2018

       Well, at least Spam would provide protein, fat and salt, along with a swarm of nourishing E-numbers.   

       If it was fried, preferably in batter, it could also deliver some carbohydrate, and part of the Minimum Daily Requirement of burnt crunchy bits (one of the essential food groups).   

       // build battery-powered robotic kitties //   

       Oh, please do. When we ran out of real ones, we built several large batches - but even a bit of target practice expends them at a catastrophic rate.   

       Using a holodeck is a poor substitute... the system never quite gets right that authentic smell of charred fur.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2018


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