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Layered Lollipops that taste like EVERYTHING
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The jellybeans that taste like all kinds of things are just taking it all right now... but the tastes are so.... fleeting? Plus, you get only one flavor in each bean, although you have a bean identification chart on the bag... goodie for you.

Enter the [haven't named it yet] lollipop. The core is something more delightful, so as to leave the consumer with a not so hindering taste, for repeat business. Over the core, is then added layer upon layer of different flavors from chili peppers, to chicken, oatmeal and brownsugar, meatballs, fruits, vegetables, onion, fish, old pants, naval lint (the nasty kind), burnt rubber, grass, insects, liver, codfish, mint, soda, horse hair, old tire air, gypsum, toothpaste, paper, peanutbutter, yougetthepoint.

Label them according to taste combinations: No worries sweet cherries. Take a chance, eat your pants. Reduced to reuse by recycling. Can you handle the heat? Before you try it, find a nice corner to vomit in. Warning, read ingredients AFTER consumption. Are you on drugs?

And many other flavorful titles for different flavor combinations.

Boy i had fun just thinking about them.

twitch, Apr 27 2007

3 layered pop http://www.freepate...om/20040037924.html
[xandram, Apr 28 2007]

read about some nasty pops here http://www.typetive...gory/hardcandy/P48/
[xandram, Apr 28 2007]


       The psychopaths create a healthy balance on HB in my opinion, and i'm not admitting that I am a psychopath, because if I did, I would know that I am definitely NOT a psychopath, which I do not know yet.
twitch, Apr 27 2007

       put the everything bagel on a stick
xandram, Apr 27 2007

       Q: If it tasted of everything, what *would* it taste like?
skinflaps, Apr 27 2007

       I doubt my wife would every try any of these lollipops, but i've got a whole bunch of friends always lookin' for somethin' new. New flavors not excluded, and who can decline when it's FDA approved?   

       I believe that the audience for a product like this is larger than you think.
twitch, Apr 27 2007

       [marked-for-deletion] flavor.
nuclear hobo, Apr 27 2007

       This isn't a flavor or recipe. Should not be deleted.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 27 2007

       It's more than flavor, it's the implementation of flavors, in different levels, that you hit when you suck on it. It is also the naming of it. You just think it's only flavors because that's what yells at you in the description.
twitch, Apr 27 2007

       [Galbinus]and [twitch], I suggest you revisit the help file. To quote "flavor - the poster would like something that already comes in a number of flavors to come in another flavor". I don't think this idea is exempt from the [m-f-d] simply because it suggests the something (lollypops) should come in ALL flavours. That's just semantics.   

       Good try, though. It was food for thought.
Canuck, Apr 27 2007

       Tastes like ass.   

       Also, Harry Potter. Therefore "magic".
Noexit, Apr 27 2007

       twitch, feel free to delete the bogus marked-for-deletion tags and the comments on them, including this one. Galbinus_Caeli is correct.
jutta, Apr 27 2007

       [jutta], excuse me, but I'm confused. My first anno was in support of the [m-f-d] flavour, citing the fact that the idea is still simply suggesting "another" flavour. I understand twitch's insistence that is not "a flavour" because it encompasses ALL flavours but, in my opinion, that is not sufficient to preclude it from the {m-f-d]. It is merely one person's interpretation of the wording of the help file rather than its intent.   

       In other words, I think [nuclear hobo] is correct.   

       Having said that, though, the pedant in me wonders if twitch's "Self-ex-planetary" is really that far off the mark?
Canuck, Apr 27 2007

       It's out of this world! Ahem.   

       The post is an idea for a very multi-layered lollipop. The specific flavors aren't important; the important bit is the entertainment derived from guessing at and enjoying a very large sequence of different flavors as the eater licks off sequential layers of the same lollipop.   

       // I understand twitch's insistence that is not "a flavour" because it encompasses ALL flavours but, in my opinion, that is not sufficient to preclude it from the {m-f-d].   

       If all I knew were your restatement - if it were just one mix of flavors and the poster is deluded into thinking that it somehow means "all" - I'd share your assessment, but the layering makes the eating experience structurally different.
jutta, Apr 27 2007

       I refute the flavor-centric arguements. Yes, food is a lot about flavor, but the experience is what I am after. Say we put in a layer of glucose laden with some snake-bite remedy, that's instant vomit right there. Its the thrill of the ride, As well as a marketing strategy I outlined, It has a ben-and-jerry's tone, just a lot more extreme.   

       But honestly.. Would NOBODY here try one of these lollipops? maybe one of the more mildly flavored ones? I swear they would all be edible, even if a few layers were gooey, and some layers had bits of chicken bone.
twitch, Apr 27 2007

       Q: If it tasted of everything, what *would* it taste like?
skinflaps, Apr 27 2007

       I would have suggested phrasing this as being the lollipop equivalent of an onion. It probably wouln't have been any more successful, but it would have been more entertaining to read.
hidden truths, Apr 28 2007

       I admit that the title is not spectacular, but my description is, for me, worlderfully put. It puts flavor in them words, and makes me chuckle uncontrollably whenever I read it over and over and over again. There is only a thin line between genius and crazy.   

       [[[ i've changed the title to "nasty-pops"... seemed appropriate.
twitch, Apr 28 2007

       I was always told that success was the difference between genius and crazy.   

       [skinflaps], according to google everything tastes like chicken. Happy now?
hidden truths, Apr 28 2007

       My guess is it tastes like everything.   

       At least everything that has a flavour.   

       "Nasty-pops" doesn't quite make me want to run out and buy some, should I ever feel so inclined, or desperate. How about "Mystery Pops"? Damn! Already taken! OK, then let's try "Surprise Pops". Holy Cow! That's been used, too! "Omni-Pops" seems to be available and is certainly truthful in its description. You could bend Frito Lay's slogan to say "bet you can't even finish one!"
Canuck, Apr 28 2007

       Nice. A lollipop that does with flavour what a gobstopper does with colour. +
stilgar, Apr 28 2007

       You can't mfd something based on flavour surely (although maybe for using the US spelling 'flavor').   

       If someone had posted jelly beans on here (assuming they weren't baked) they would have been mfd'd.
marklar, Apr 28 2007

       but there are lollipops with at least three flavors already and what about Tootsie Pops where under the hard candy layer there is a soft Tootsie Roll? Isn't that similar?
xandram, Apr 28 2007

       yes, similar to other candies, but what it's not just flavors, it's the experience.   

       For instance, would adding bits of chicken bone be only a flavor concoction? or a new formula for success, flavor, texture, after taste, vomit appeal, all these lines are little blurry in this idea I admit, but concoctions this extreme can't be relegated to being just flavors.   

       And it's still not totally about the flavors anyway. I mention flavors because this is an edible thing, it's food, how do I not mention flavor? It's part of the experience, but not the whole of the idea.
twitch, Apr 29 2007

       I would love to try this. Can you have a "map" that tells you what layers are what? You know, like when you compare Jelly Bellies on that little plastic card and can't tell the difference between watermelon and jalapeno.
Abusementpark, Apr 29 2007


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