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New antibiotic or preservative

Both people n bacteria make many of the same enzymes these enzymes DNA codes have evolutionarily "conserved" regions We use single stranded interfering small RNA from the "nonconserved" regions of important enzymes to neutralize bacteria but not humans
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Basically if you drink some fluid or eat some goop there are bacteria there

DNA tastes something like weak MSG its possible single stranded DNA or RNA also has this mild flavor

most organisms can be affected or killed with single strands of DNA that are the near matching counterparts to their own DNA These similar strands are thought to gum up transcription Pharmaceutical research on iRNA is ongoing

humans as well as bacteria share numerous enzymes as well as chemicals Things such as cytochrome C or the histone proteins are common to both species You could put .001 pt IRNA that blocks the genetics of producing histone deacetylase on chicken or milk with a high likelihood that the bacteria would cease or slow reproduction; however people also use these enzymes which makes it risky

There is a way to just kill the bugs though it is frequently the thing that bacterial genes have sequence letter identity overlap of about 20 or 30 pt Thus if you code the preservative iRNA out of the unique to bacteria sequence It only affects bacteria

Adaption proof: Niftier yet is that the natural rate of change of bacterial genetic amino acid sequences is charted Things like the histone deactylases change at a different rate than other genes they are "conserved" Thus adaption to the preservative is super slow

Thus something like a interference RNA to bacterial messenger RNA would block reproduction almost completely at low doses while being merely a trace protein completely edible to humans

beanangel, Oct 04 2009


       I like a bit of goop myself, occasionally.
DrWorm, Oct 04 2009

       I notice a tendency for you to put forward solutions that are akin to: 'Armored vehicles can be easily destroyed by throwing a grenade into the tank'. This is correct, as are the 'quicksilver into the tank', 'superglue into the tank' and 'medichlorians into the tank' -solutions; yet a key point tends to be neglected...
loonquawl, Oct 05 2009

       If you chose sequences which coded for something vital to the organism's virulence, for instance the pertussis toxin, this might be worthwhile, since if resistance developed it might lead to it becoming less harmful. The organism concerned has had its genome completely sequenced, so it sounds promising.

The idea of antibiotics damaging DNA is not new. Early antibiotics worked that way because they were derived from stains which bind to DNA. However, i don't see the point of using them as antiseptics because there's less need for them to be safer to other organisms and you can just do something like bung a load of rubbing alcohol or bleach on them.

I found what's written here quite hard to read, partly due to the absence of punctuation marks i think you might want to consider doing something about that in general it didnt seem so bad i wonder if your audience is put off by it what do you think
nineteenthly, Oct 05 2009

       Einstein was such a genius and so lost in his thoughts and theories that he once left home without putting any pants on. I am reminded of this when I read an idea that's intellectually out of my league but contains no stops.
bdag, Oct 05 2009

       I think communication is an important part of intellectual prowess. It enables one to articulate one's thoughts more productively. Then again, i have a poetry phobia.
nineteenthly, Oct 05 2009

       I really like this. It would work. It would not be poisonous or yukky tasting. Slaughterhouses could have misters dousing animals with the RNA in question. If there is evolutionary selection than change your rna but as you suggest it would be very hard for the bugs to evolve new histones.   

       This is eminently testable: culture medium doped with iRNA vs undoped culture medium. [Bean] you could test this in no time flat if you have a buddy with a lab. I think the strategy is patentable and with the preliminary results you could file for the patent. Go after E Coli first.   

       I wonder if one could use this stratgy to reverse selection for methicillin resistant staph by snorting RNAi against genes for methicillin resistance. This would allow commensal staph to prosper.
bungston, Oct 05 2009

       // he once left home without putting any pants on. //   

       I've done that too, on the occasional Friday evening.
tatterdemalion, Oct 05 2009

       There was a time when i was the only member of my family who wore underwear, and another when i was the only member of my family who never wore trousers. I want to go back to that time.
nineteenthly, Oct 05 2009


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