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Candy shaped like computer CPUs
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fortify with vitamins and advertise to kids that they make you smarter
On-or-about, Oct 07 2000


       ewwww! i think that would leave a bad taste in my mouth,
wrenchndmachine, Oct 07 2000

       Great idea to get a kid out of the chair .. to go get another joystick. If I'm smart I just take it to the kid.
reensure, Oct 08 2000

       Wouldn't the kids all come down with problems with the math coprocessor, or FPU bugs?
BigThor, Oct 10 2000

       Advertising: "Candy to eat on the bus!"
hippo, Oct 10 2000

       More advertising: "Get overclocked!"
gilest, Oct 10 2000

       That's for the freezer pop version?
jutta, Oct 10 2000

       ...but of course, the newer, stronger candy would be half the price of last month's version. And the kids wouldn't care. They'd still buy 'em.
gilest, Oct 12 2000

       Mmmm... Crunchy chocolate heatsink...
hippo, Oct 12 2000

       Put the candy on the end of a paper stick and you would have "The Good Chip Lollipop," yes? (ok, sorry)
bristolz, Mar 30 2001, last modified Aug 01 2001

       Well will the candy get smaller as the processor gets smaller or will the candy get smaller because the candy maker is cheap
jeffman, Jul 25 2003

       knockoffs: "Viamints"   

       same idea different product: "Bathalons" (bath soaps)
hoopdy, Jul 25 2003


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