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Massage sling

Aid to give oneself a good neck rub
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No matter how hard you try it's impossible to give yourself a neck rub. Even using an electric 'wand' requires one to bend arms awkwardly, thus negating the soothing aspects of the proceedure. So howzabout using something like a sling? An old necktie would probably work to test the concept: tie it into a loop, slip one end over head and against neck, then put the massaging device in front, pushing away from body, thus transferring vibrations to back of neck. A more sophisticated version might have thumb-shaped nodules on the middle-of-neck portion and loops to hold vibrator on the ends.
Steamboat, Jan 09 2008

an example of a weight pushing down from somewhere behind your head Film-Quoting_20Sail
[pertinax, Jan 09 2008]

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine. http://www.sportstek.net/omron-tens.htm
a thumbs and fingers addition to a tens machine would be sweet. [pyggy potamus, Jan 09 2008]

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       I think the challenge would be to get the vibration happening low enough down.   

       You probably don't want most of your neck massage happening just under your occipital bone; most of the neck stiffness I've come across (in elf and others) is in the fan of muscle spreading out from the base of your neck across your back and shoulders.   

       To hit this target, you'd need either an extremely cunning tension-transferring harness (I've no idea how it would work), or a weight pushing down from somewhere behind your head.
pertinax, Jan 09 2008


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