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portable puddle bubbles

take anywhere meditative stress relief
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This comes in two styles - footpath and garden floor. Approximately 40cm x 40cm and 10cm in depth with soft handles on either side, Portable Puddle Bubbles can be taken out of its protective case and positioned somewhere in your home or office for when you have the need to blow some bubbles.

Simply add water to the enchanting simulated garden or footpath, and place under or on your desk, in the bedroom, kitchen, lounge etc or take with you on long distant business trips. Portable Puddle Bubbles, is great for those who are afraid of flying - simply ask a stewardess for some water and open while in your seat during take off and landing. The calming blowing effects will soothe and lull you into a stress free experience - no matter where or what you may be anxious about.

It is also perfect for people who don't like to go outside during wet weather, arid climates and those with bad knees. Mint or sage can be added to the water for a refreshing bubble blowing experience.

benfrost, Jan 27 2005

puddle bubbles au naturel puddle_20bubbles
[benfrost, Jan 27 2005]


       I have something kind of like this. It's called a bong. It's best left at home though.
jaksplat, Jan 28 2005

       No good for us puddle stompers.   

       Can we expect a whole syndicated range now? Warranty void unless used with BF inc. PuddleBubble straw and PuddleJuice.
egbert, Jan 28 2005


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