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If someone cancels on you last minute you should have a backup appointment
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If someone noshows in 15 minutes or cancels, you can schedule with a backup appointment.
chronological, May 19 2023


       Can you describe the invention in more detail? How does this work?
a1, May 19 2023

       If I understand this correctly (doubtful...), people who are happy with "short notice" appointments can be on the MaybeSchedule, so they can just come at the next available opening.
It would work for me with GP visits; my work is 5 minutes from my doctor, & I'm (normally) OK with dropping everything to go. (Hmm..., now that I think about it, I've done exactly this with my physio; they're 3 minutes away & called & said "we've had a cancellation, do you want to come now?")
neutrinos_shadow, May 21 2023

       I also read it as having contingency plans. Getting ready for an important meeting... cancelled with 10 minutes notice... look down the list, OK Joe is in town and going for coffee at that time and is willing to meet up. I'll go and see him.
pocmloc, May 21 2023

       Be fun to wind up having coffee with your therapist who just cancelled on you.
daseva, May 22 2023

       Sorry, café is shut due to unforeseen circumstances.
pocmloc, May 22 2023


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