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Meat Jukebox

Not as weird as it sounds
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I don't know whether other halfbakers have been to those slightly tedious eateries where instead of preparing the food for you, the customer, the place simply gives you the raw ingredients and you cook them yourselves

Some people (apparently) find this quaint, however if I'm paying for dinner, generally I'd like someone with more talent than me preparing the food

Anyway, to the idea: Basically there's only one thing more tedious than preparing your own food in a restaurant, and that's having to queue up to order the aforementioned ingredients. Enter the meat jukebox, you put your coins in the slot, select your flesh of choice and the rotating blade goes and slices a bit off for you, onto a plate which you remove and take to the grilling area.
neilp, Dec 13 2004

(?) Lobster picker-upper http://www.konami.j...ze/img/n_crane2.gif
[normzone, Dec 29 2004]


       coins? better go with a card scanner, meat is dollars.
dentworth, Dec 13 2004

       doesn't the needle get stuck on the chop?
po, Dec 13 2004

       //meat is dollars// [dent] Where [neilp] lives, meat, and dollars, are coins!!
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 13 2004

       turntable teppanyaki?
benfrost, Dec 13 2004

       'Juke box pick your own lobster and watch him boil' anyone?
etherman, Dec 13 2004

       nah, that's better done with one of those grabber arms.. nice idea though [etherman].
neilp, Dec 28 2004

       Oh yeah, a lobster picker-upper [link]
normzone, Dec 29 2004


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