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Parabolic Wok

A useful innovation for oriental explorers
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This new design of wok has a parabolic, rather than spherical profile. It can thus be used as a satellite dish, in addition to its more usual culinary purpose, by the simple expedient of fixing a receiver at the focus. This would be a great boon to the overburdened solo explorer, anxious to reduce his weighty encumberances.

This wok would also be useful for lighting a fire, by concentrating the powerful rays of the tropical sun on a box of tinder placed at the focus.

Mickey the Fish, Jul 13 2003

Wok - Satellite dish. http://www.chinese-...1/image/2/400/2.htm
I always thought woks were supposed to be parabolic anyway. [Jinbish, Oct 04 2004]


       Only one thing more could I ask: chin straps.
lurch, Jul 13 2003

       A swiss army wok. Spend the afternoon playing frisbee, then cook dinner. While dining in comfort, flip the unit over and enjoy the latast hot flick. Wear the stylish unit as a fishing hat the next morning. The old ones could be recycled into hubcaps for Jethro's truck.
LabRat, Jul 13 2003

       Thu's Gold in them thar hills! Gold ey tell ya.
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       Aren't some of them parabolic?
sartep, Jul 13 2003

       I've actually seen a Japanese TV show a few years ago demonstrating that you can collect satellite feed successfully and display it on tv with a wok. Not sure if it was hyperbolic or not, but my guess is it doesn't have to be perfectly hyperbolic to wok.
tongpoo, Jul 13 2003

       *weeps* Oh, how I've prayed to the fish-gods for the return of Mickey.
thumbwax, Jul 13 2003

       "This wok would also be useful for lighting a fire... - evidently you clean your wok rather more thoroughly than is standard practice.
DrCurry, Jul 14 2003

       Objections have been raised as to the efficacy of the Wok as a reflector when coted with carbonised oriental foodstuffs. These may well impede reflection in the visible spectrum, but it is not obvious that microwaves (for comms) or infra red (for lighting fires) will be similarly affected. Perhaps a reader with a satellite dish could perform an experiment: Equip yourself with some Oyster sauce, chopped vegetables and thinly sliced chicken, a stiring implement, a ladder, a blowtorch and chopsticks. Climb to your roof, turn the dish to face upwards, and empty the ingredients thereinto. Heat with blowtorch and stir till cooked. Eat the food, and realign the dish. Check the TV.
Mickey the Fish, Jul 15 2003

       Aha! UnaBubba has contributed useful information. The presence of bird droppings clearly does not affect the microwave reflectivity of the dish (although it may well affect the taste of the dish, should the ingredients be emptied thereinto, as he suggests). I suspect that the properties of bird droppings and cooked food are similar in this respect.
Mickey the Fish, Jul 16 2003

       Except for the carbon content. Possibly.
egbert, Jul 16 2003

       Wok a good idea (+)
FloridaManatee, Jul 16 2003

       Who the hell goes exploring with a 5 pound wok and all the cooking ingredients strapped to thier back when you can eat MREs and carry a 13oz. Motorola Iridium 9505 phone? (only $1,500 with activation)
netmanakre, Jul 16 2003

       I think it's the same guy I saw 12 miles and 2500ft elevation gain into the wilderness with a 10lb mall (like a sledgehammer with an axe on one side), a case of beer, and a guitar, strapped to the outside of what looked like a 50lb pack, wearing old flat sandals. He proceeded to build a fire, get drunk, and play the g well into the night.
oxen crossing, Jul 16 2003


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