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Medical Checkup booth
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For anyone who has seen a doctor,we know there are a lot of basic time wasting steps to go through and not a lot of people to do them. There could be booths similar to photo booths that would do basic checkups and gather information to submit to the doctor,so as to improve service.

Not suggested as a replacement for an actual doctor.

C_kado, Oct 26 2005

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[calum, Oct 26 2005]


       I quite like this but then I'm in favour of automation. I take it it's things like height, weight, blood pressure etc. Plus it could issue printouts of advice leaflets based on the health concerns you have e.g. how to do breast cancer checks, how to tell if your lymph nodes are swollen etc etc, how to give up bad habits and so on.
rubyminky, Oct 26 2005

       I think this would lead people to bypass doctors even if there were a disclaimer. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but it would mean that there would have to be very good and detailed health education for the public. It might also mean that GPs would have more time per patient and could perhaps concentrate more on keeping their hands in on physical examination techniques, which would be very helpful and reduce the workload on the scientific services in the Health Service.
nineteenthly, Oct 26 2005

       You know what? I like this idea a lot but hate it at the same time. I like it for all the stated reasons, convenience, timeliness, privacy, consistency, and service improvement. What makes me cringe is my overwhelming feeling that this would, in practice, function like those info gathering 'automated services' that make you key in or speak your name, account number, address, identifying information, password, social security number, and twelve different menu choices "in order to speed the processing of your request" to speak to a customer service representative who then picks up your "recorded for quality service" call and says, "Good morning, name? Account number? Could you verify your address? date of birth? ..... may I have the reason you're calling?"   

       Cheap bastards just won't pay for background music and keep you on hold ... that's like a waiting room with no magazines.
reensure, Oct 26 2005


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