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Medicine Ball Soccer

Let's see what these soccer players are really made of.
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Same rules, but played with a medicine ball instead of a soccer ball.

The players would be some of the hardest working athletes around. Only the toughest and strongest would make it in this game.

MrColcannon, Jun 27 2005

Need Some Of These Shirt-collar_20stif...strengthening_20kit
[tcarson, Jun 09 2006]


       When I was young and crazy, I tried to head a medicine ball (yes, believe it). Apparently, I still haven't escaped the effects.
Ling, Jun 27 2005

       they have something like that in africa
angered_moose, Jun 27 2005

       is this actually an idea ? we used to play medicine ball football at scouts.
neilp, Jun 09 2006

       I think the thinking is that it become a legitimate sport.   

       At any rate, I've never heard of such craziness, so I wouldn't call it baked.
shapu, Jun 09 2006


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