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Mixed football

A game of two genders
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I was wondering about the world cup; why all the players are male. Even if the mean footballing ability of the two genders differs, one might expect that there would be a few exceptional females of similar ability to the high quality males.

But it seems to be legally mandated. There is a world cup for all female teams too.

In tennis, there is a version called mixed doubles, where each side consists of one of each gender. This game is perhaps more interesting.

Why not have a mixed football championship? There are 14 in a side including three substitutes, so teams can have seven of each.

Loris, Jun 08 2006

not the same thing http://en.wikipedia...A_Women's_World_Cup
but a show case of footballing talent nonetheless [neilp, Jun 09 2006]


       As [miasere] says, the best male footballers provide enough footballers all of whom are faster and can kick harder than the best female footballers. Sports in which men and women can compete against each other don't have different events for men and women (e.g. horse racing and freediving).
hippo, Jun 08 2006

       // Sports in which men and women can compete against each other don't have different events for men and women (e.g. horse racing freediving) //   

       This is where the sex of the horse comes into play. And the sex of the, er, snorkle.   

       I think football will always be a male dominated sport, mainly because of the anatomical differences between males and females (especially the structure of the hips).
spiritualized, Jun 08 2006

       Men seem better at faking injury than women, probably due to playing fighting games as boys. As outcomes are often decided by way of gamesmanship, I feel that men have a distinct advantage.   

       Attacking player receives a glancing blow to the thigh. Attacking player falls to ground, clutching face. Penalty awarded, goal is scored, crowd cheers, game is won.
Texticle, Jun 09 2006

       it's an interesting plan, and I don't see why it wouldn't be entertaining (+).
neilp, Jun 09 2006

       I was hoping for an 'evolutionary / devolutionary football' game, which started as the modern world cup, then switched over to rugby at 20 minutes in, then Aussie rules, then Gaelic rules, and finally winds up with the entire stadium heaving and pushing an inflated pig's bladder.
RayfordSteele, Jun 13 2006


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