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Personalized Favorites list

A new account feature allows ideas to be selected for one's favorite's list.
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I find that the top ten rated ideas are by far not my favorites. Its hard to remember my favorites' names because sometimes they aren't too reminiscent of the actual idea. Other times I can't remember where they are, because there are so many categories and subcategories.
I think a new account feature should be added so each user can click "favorito" next to the idea and this idea will be linked to the users favorites. The favorites could be accessed either by account users alone, or by pressing one's name and seeing both the list of their posted ideas and a list of their favorites. This way we could find out a bit more about each other also, and reinforce the community.
nratzan, Jun 05 2003

Sample view with three ideas http://www.halfbake...i=:t=my_20favorites
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I once suggested being able to filter ideas based on other people's votes, a similar idea, but that was booed down.   

       You can create customized list views, so you can use that to filter out those ideas you voted for, for example. You could also annotate the ideas "nratzan's favorite" and then filter for that. (Though someone once tried something like that as a way of filtering out stuff he didn't want to see, and certain other persons helpfully duplicated the comment everywhere they could.)   

       To create a customized view, click on the little "edit" button up by the page title when you're on the main, recent or top 10 pages. Remember to put in a new name for the view at the bottom, or you'll end up replacing whatever view you were editing.
DrCurry, Jun 05 2003

       I made you a sample view with three ideas (including this one) in it. Select the link, then select [edit] at the top. Near the middle you should see the idea names in a list box, thats where you can add more. (Make sure you spell the titles exactly right).   

       If you save it with no name you can share it with other people, perhaps by putting it on your profile page. That's how I created the link URL. (Click my name to see another use for this sort of thing).   

       Or give it a name (very bottom of the edit form) then it will be easily accessible to you alone via its name in the "idea" menu at left.
krelnik, Jun 05 2003

phoenix, Jun 05 2003


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