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Menthol Fabric Conditioner

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Use it on your pillow cases - breathe easy when you have a cold.
jonthegeologist, Nov 23 2006

'Nother methol cold remedy Minty_20Philtrum_20Plasters
(shameless, I know) [squeak, Nov 23 2006]


       But don't get it in your eyes.
angel, Nov 23 2006

       I love menthol. What if it accidently falls into my mouth and I start chewing...all in my sleep ofcourse, will my small and large intestine be able to handle it?
Heavy_Phat, Nov 23 2006

       You can put menthol on your pillow already. Baked.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 23 2006

       yes, you can. What I'm proposing is a fabric conditioner with menthol *so that you don't have to put extra on your pillow for the lazy generation*   

       Baked is not an [m-f-d] status. You're are at will to suggest that its widely known to exist if it's widely known to exist.
jonthegeologist, Nov 23 2006

       Just don't get addicted. Menthol is somewhat addictive. Filipinos eat it like candy.
twitch, Nov 23 2006

       (-) I generally like the smell, but I think the eye and skin irritation from too wide application is a problem. So I'll stay with the more direct applicators.
jutta, Nov 24 2006

       //Baked is not an [m-f-d] status. You're are at will to suggest that its widely known to exist if it's widely known to exist.//   

       Uh ok, so it is widely known to exsist that you can put menthol on your pillow
Chefboyrbored, Nov 26 2006

       you know, I believe that a directly sprayed burst of lavender on your pillow (and I do it often) is much more likely to irritate your eyes or skin than a gentle hint of perfume left from the washing cycle.   

       actually I'm very surprised that this isn't baked.   

       what am I talking about? oops, sorry menthol. even so, the logic is the same.
po, Nov 26 2006


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