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Puzzle Putty

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Like puzzles? Really hard ones? Frustrated when pieces don't fit? Need help? BUNGCO has got your back! Or at least we would really like to get it!

Introducing Puzzle Putty! When a puzzle piece you have wedged in there leaves some gaps, just whip out a tube of Puzzle Putty, apply with Puzzle Putty Knife (included!),and smooth out that gap. Each case of Puzzle Putty comes in a variety of colors, with a mixing key so you can match the pieces on either side. You will finish that 2000 piece job in no time!

Now, buy two cases of Puzzle Putty and get the Puzzle Mallet - perfect for tapping those recalcitrant pieces into place.

bungston, Jun 19 2006

Early use of Puzzle Putty http://history.bois...v/images2/issus.jpg
[ldischler, Jun 19 2006]


       You should also market a bag of 2000 assorted small cardboard crescents, shaped just like the interstices between malfitting puzzle pieces. Got a puzzle piece that doesn't fit? No problem! Just rummage through the 2000-piece bag to find the perfect wedge or crescent that completes the fit.
phundug, Jun 19 2006

       I like it. The finished puzzle would look like an archaeological restoration.
ldischler, Jun 19 2006

       Just what I have been looking for. +
sartep, Jun 21 2006


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