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Microwave food stirring

heat food and stir food with it
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Covered dishes could be stirred by directing very powerful microwave beams at the food in timed bursts. Liquids thus heated would tend to powerfully agitate from released steam.
Voice, Oct 18 2012


       Lacing the meal with microencapsulated chlorosulphonic acid would produce significantly higher levels of agitation when irradiated by microwaves.
8th of 7, Oct 18 2012

       just buy one of the on the market stirring devices. They use suction cups to fix them to the roof of the oven and remain stationary while the turntable turns the food. The stationary stirring device has paddels that stir the food. Not perfect but much less expensive to implement. Guess the food couldn't be covered without some kind of hole in the cover.
evilpenguin, Oct 18 2012

       I've been shaking my microwave for years, it works just as well.
sprints, Oct 19 2012


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