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Mixing Ball

for tossing a salad, making pancakes from scratch or battering meat for deep frying
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Twist open the clear, soft, plastic ball into two halves. Add the ingredients. Rejoin the halves. Play some kitchen soccer or bowling or let a pet amuse itself with the ball. Wipe clean, open and serve/cook the contents.
FarmerJohn, Apr 13 2005

[Romulox] Acme threads, with multiple lead threads should do the trick http://jamaica.u.ar.../ce210/fastener.htm
[normzone, Apr 14 2005]

Play&Freeze icream maker http://www.icecreamrevolution.com/
mixing ball for making icecream [xaviergisz, Nov 27 2005]


       This has gotta be baked. Damn.   

       You never forget anything before leaving on vacation do you, [FJ]?   

       I will say that threads on a large diameter like you say will be hard to twist together, no matter how scratch resistant the material may be. Is there any other potential closing mechanism?
daseva, Apr 13 2005

       Did you find my passport?
FarmerJohn, Apr 13 2005

       "Mixing balls", he said, pointing regretfully at the top kitchen shelf.   

       "Is that anything like tennis elbow?", his guest inquired politely.
theircompetitor, Apr 13 2005

       I think a Tupperware type of pop-on seal, coupled with an inflation port like those on inflatable balls, snapped together and aided with a few psi of air pressure removed via syringe would be nearly impossible to open by mere physical punishment. Only add a squirt of air to equalize the ball's internal and external pressures in order to pop it open again.
reensure, Apr 13 2005

       //"Is that anything like tennis elbow?", his guest inquired politely.//
How am I supposed to keep a straight face during my job interview when I have THAT in my head tomorrow?
Even funnier when I rememberd Ian's "stirring the gravy" anno.
AfroAssault, Apr 14 2005

       Gunpowder used to be made in a wooden "mixing ball" with two or more smaller wooden balls inside to help mix.
bristolz, Apr 14 2005

       [bristolz] But did they find anyone brave enough to play soccer with it? (Maybe it is true Long John Silver used to be a striker for Portsmouth City)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 14 2005

       // let a pet amuse itself//
Just as appetizing as Kramer’s shower salad. (+)
ldischler, Apr 14 2005

       Kids - if you don't like salad, the hamster loves it. And he'll take it with him, too!   

       This reminds me of a "Malcolm in the Middle" episode...
moomintroll, Apr 14 2005

       If I could be so bold as to modify. What if you had a semi-circular bowl that had a semi-circular lid that just flipped underneath (inside itself). Sort of like a Buzz-Lightyear Space helmet. The closed object would resemble a sphere, the open would store the lid in a compartment underneath. I don't like stuff that twists apart into two pieces. Cool idea.
trekbody, Apr 14 2005

       Have a lightbulb inside that turns on when it opens.
reensure, Apr 14 2005

       That way the lightbulb can break and you can spice up your dinner salad with some glass.
disbomber, Apr 14 2005

       A dry martini please, bludgeoned not stirred.   


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