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Dignitas Vouchers

Wreathed in smiles ?
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Funeral vouchers (a savings scheme to offset the costs of a funeral) are Baked.

Dignitas is a clinic in Switzerland that provides assisted suicide to the terminally ill, or those with an irreversible degenerative disease.

Dignitas vouchers, available in a range of denominations, would be used to pay the fees at the clinc, or to facilitate travel thereto (single tickets only, of course).

Send one to someone you don't like, with the implied message, "Make the world a better place - hurry up and die."

Ideal for politicians, reality-TV 'stars', overpaid talentless sportspersons, lawyers, accountants and telemarketers.

8th of 7, Jan 24 2016


       I can honestly say that there is not a single sonone I do not like.   

       What I don't understand is having to pay to have your suicide assisted.
You'd think that the cost of clean-up after a DIY job would offset an assist... by quite a bit.

       //there is not a single sonone I do not like.   

       Found a Nitin Sonone, of LTM Medical College and looks like he's not single...could you not make an exception and feel warmly towards him, despite being in a relationship?   

       I mean...does he have to spend his whole life single..it's seems to high a price..(sobs into hankie at the cruelties of fate).
not_morrison_rm, Jan 29 2016

       Life is hard, and then you die. You should know that now, [n_m_rm], you've been around here long enough.
8th of 7, Jan 29 2016

       //Life is hard// obviously we caught you on one of your generous days eh? I thought you usually skipped that bit of the formula.
pocmloc, Jan 29 2016


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