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Mile High Club *Platinum Membership

While Skydiving.
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Pretty self explanatory if you read the summary; do it (sex) while skydiving. Tandem jumpers face opposite directions, parachute opens at 5280 feet, attempt to time orgasm with the jerk of the parachute opening.
DIYMatt, Apr 05 2011

Warning: May contain nudity and material of an adult nature but being Youtube that is unlikely http://www.youtube....watch?v=ScpxbR8e5io
[The_Saint, Apr 05 2011]

MANswers episode 403. http://www.spike.co...ath-season-4-ep-403
A five minute segment on the subject. Which means it's about seven times as long as the intercourse you could have on the way down. [jutta, Apr 07 2011]

http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Slide_whistle [MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2011]


       "Tandem jumpers face opposite directions" Is this strictly limited to missionary style?   

       Perhaps 'Reverse Cowgirl' and timed to coincide with landing?   

       How does landing work if the tandem couple are facing opposite directions? The phrase 'crumpled heap' comes to mind.   

       I suspect you'd need an auto-deploy mechanism. It's one thing to be late for work after losing track of time in the throes of passion, but forgetting to open the 'chute is a bigger issue.
Twizz, Apr 05 2011

       //The phrase 'crumpled heap' comes to mind.// [marked-for-tagline]
po, Apr 05 2011

       There is a not insignificant problem of the crotch strap to deal with as the link amply demonstrates.
The_Saint, Apr 05 2011

       I have seen a video of some nude skydivers - your tender bits tend to flap around a great deal, which may discourage the desired goal.   

       I've been resisting posting an idea I had for a line of hiking clothing designed to facilitate outdoor sex - breakaway panels, inflatable zones designed for cushioning and protection against brambles, which could be inflated by CO2 cartridge.   

       Perhaps some variant on that idea could be utilized to facilitate this. Possibly a jumpsuit that two people can fit into that can split apart later for landing.
normzone, Apr 05 2011

       Two words:   


MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2011

       Slightly more than two words: Slightly different deceleration rates due to play in the harness.
MechE, Apr 06 2011

       Ha. This made me laugh!
blissmiss, Apr 06 2011

       This gives a whole new outlook on "operator-induced oscillation" issues.   

       (edit) Hey, wait a minute...what is this doing in other:general?
normzone, Apr 06 2011

       //worry enough about birds splattering on me as they fly over.//   

       If you worry about birds splattering you while you have sex, then obviously* the solution is to have sex at high altitude, above the height at which birds fly.   

       *in the halfbakery sense of "obviously," obviously.
mouseposture, Apr 07 2011

       Someones penis WILL be torn off.
bob, Apr 08 2011

       I'm trying to understand 'facing opposite directions'...Is that just some strange way of saying 'facing each other'?   

       Back to back seems so inconvenient...
Ling, Apr 08 2011

       There's a potential problem in that lady skydivers always wear knickers. Otherwise they'd whistle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2011

       Not if the noise-making section of said woman is, how do you say, occluded.
daseva, Apr 08 2011

       You just say "luded" but say "occ" just before it.   

       Also, see <link>.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2011

       A fine explanation, as 'luded' is quite firmly planted in my lexicon.
daseva, Apr 09 2011

       Why is it necessary to be in tandem?
gnomethang, Apr 09 2011

       Someones penis WILL be torn off. [+]
Voice, Apr 09 2011

       And land on that women's head, who cut off her husband's years ago...whatever her name is...I forgot.
blissmiss, Apr 09 2011

       If the vinegar strokes prevent you from pulling the ripcord, you may end up joining the flatinum club.
4whom, Apr 10 2011

       [bliss...] If ever there was a case for nominative determinism! Her name was Lorena Bobbit...
4whom, Apr 10 2011

       Playboy's Little Annie Fanny cartoon did this 'way back when I was reading the articles (May, 1980, apparently) . The term "airgasm" was used (Google that for some related ideas).   

       And that was done with relative work.   

       For those who don't skydive, relative work is when two or more very skilled independent jumpers maneuver around relative to each other while falling.   

       Tandem jumping, on the other hand, is when two jumpers, one experienced, the other a complete novice, share a parachute and some of the harnesses. The two are strapped together while standing, both facing Mecca, with the pro's proddy bits at the novice's rear, and everyone pretends it isn't kinky.   

       [DIYMatt] is suggesting the novice be female and turn around before strapping together. It would probably work, and has probably been done.
baconbrain, Apr 11 2011

       // Her name was Lorena Bobbit[t] //   

       I had never looked up that case before. It turns out the incident occurred on the same day as I was born!
notexactly, Jul 24 2017


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