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Pubic Hair Color Indicator

Allows you to stop asking people embarrasing questions when your curiosity gets the better of you.
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People who don't mind sharing the color of their pubic hair would wear a swatch indicating the color. People who are curious can see the swatch, and would know what it means. Those who are not comfortable sharing this information can choose not to wear a swatch.

For those who have shaved, they can wear a colorless swatch.

hubby2debbie, Jan 04 2012

Could I wear it here, or no? The_20Church_20of_20No-Pants
What would be the ruling? [RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012]


       "Why is your watch so hairy?"   

       I can't imagine Swatch going for this.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2012

       Given the shifting history of female fashion, this is certain to get baked sooner or later (+). Although I don't know why I'd want to wear a colorless swatch - can I just shave a spot on my arm or something?
normzone, Jan 04 2012

       Instead of a swatch, I'd suggest a code that can be standardized to indicate color, style, trim, even existence. Perhaps a numeric code tattooed on the left temple. Only the curious would know what it means.
tatterdemalion, Jan 04 2012

       Yeah, but I'd have to use temporary tattoos.
normzone, Jan 04 2012

       How about a little plexiglass window in the trousers? With discrete internal LED illumination to allow true colour visibility at any time of day or night.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2012

       That's TOO simple. Now, if fiberoptics were incorporated so that the display area could be located elsewhere I could be interested.
normzone, Jan 04 2012

       Yes, that is true. I had considered fibre optics but I was not sure if an old-fashioned periscope might not be more fun?
pocmloc, Jan 05 2012

       Hmmm... I predict one more facebook metric in the near future.
Grogster, Jan 05 2012

       One can always get a look-a-like merkin to wear on the outside...
xandram, Jan 05 2012

       [xandram] I think you've got it - a white suit with precise replicas of all your body hair attached to the surface. The cleverer version of this idea would be a machine which plucks every hair from your body and re-attaches it to the appropriate place on the white suit.
hippo, Jan 05 2012

       [hippo] Should not the suit be *flesh tone*?
xandram, Jan 05 2012

       To capture the Mormon consumer crowd, you'd have to rip one knee and make 'em white.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012

       Would said swatch be a garment itself, or incorporated into a garment? I can envision this as part of those little color coded things miltary people wear to indicate their various triumphs and credits; among these could be public hair color, star sign, frequency of bowel movements, ability or not to roll tongue, and other items critical to a correct character assessment.
bungston, Jan 05 2012

       No need for fur capes,
if the carpets match the drapes.

       Surely the simplest solution is no pants.
tatterdemalion, Jan 05 2012

       That's only for church members.
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2012

       Pubic hair removal system bleaches hair then hair falls out.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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