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Naughty Gin Glass

At some parties it might work
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Design for an, err, erotic party glass. Put your middle finger into the rubber thingie. Serve colorless spirits only.

Not too subtle and maybe a bit cheap, lol, but a series of mediocre associations and symbols put this into my head...

I thank the HB for giving it a space :-)

The image should speak for itself.

[Note: the rendering isn't really good, the colors should be less outspoken].

django, Jun 08 2007

Glass http://i3.photobuck...ss.jpg?t=1181263700
Ok. [django, Jun 08 2007]

(?) Another, non functional glass http://content.answ...x-Wanders_glass.jpg
It's design humor [django, Jun 08 2007]


       Errm... the rim of glass is going to stop the rubber thing going anywhere useful, and the rubber thing is going to make the gin taste of rubber. Or have I missed something?
pertinax, Jun 08 2007

       [pertinax] nope i think you got all the flaws right there.
punk_punker, Jun 08 2007

       It's like a french tickler, right? And just like a french tickler, not nearly as fun in actual use as in your imagination.
Noexit, Jun 08 2007

       Did the French invent tickling as well?
theleopard, Jun 08 2007

       You've re-invented the tongue cleaner.
skinflaps, Jun 08 2007

       //Did the French invent tickling as well?//   

       No. However, they were instrumental in pushing forth the tongue for that activity.
Noexit, Jun 08 2007

       /the rim of glass is going to stop the rubber thing going anywhere useful, and the rubber thing is going to make the gin taste of rubber. Or have I missed something?/   

       Mmm, you hold the glas like you hold a big round wine-glas (you make a cup with your hand) - and then you put your middle finger in the rubber thingie.   

       I'm sure materials scientists have developed rubbers or flexible plastics that do not alter the taste of drinks.   

       Let's not get too dense about this, it's just a toy.   

       Agreed, maybe it's over-designed or a bit cheap. But then so is Starck's world famous naughty chair with the dildo, which he designed for Jean-Paul Gaultier. Or the Bombay Sapphire glass [link].
django, Jun 08 2007

       But I imagine you could sit on Starck's chair, and you can't effectually sit on this. I realise it's a toy, but how would you play with it? Maybe you could make the outside out of something softer than glass, so that it could be folded out of the way? Or maybe you could locate the tickler elsewhere on the design?
pertinax, Jun 08 2007

       [pertinax], there are many different erogenous zones. You can suck and lick my rubber thingie. So on this front its definitely Starck 1 - Django 1!!!
django, Jun 08 2007

       // You can suck and lick my rubber thingie//   

       I don't have an answer to that. :-)
pertinax, Jun 08 2007

       //there are many different erogenous zones//   

       OK, I do have an answer to that part; namely that, for my money, *most* of them are not best stimulated by an eraser with goose-pimples. However, I would also say of erogenous zones that most of them are in the mind... which might make my previous point moot.
pertinax, Jun 09 2007

       Alcohol and jingle bells don't mix!
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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