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Milk on Tap - read on, I justify this
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Please now....everyone. Tell me that milk isn't an issue in your household. every few days you need to replenish, which is really quite a bane. But as milk is a necessity, you must monotonously embark on this mission to satisfy the needs of those at home. Right well I live alone, so it's basically just me who needs the milk. coffee, cereal etc.

Back In UK I used to get the 'cliche' milkman drop us off a couple pints every few days at the house. this was great, cause when you wake up (preferable early) it sits on your doorstep all fresh and cold ready for immediate consumption. Sadly though, this cannot be replicated in countries where its warmer. Now I live in Dubai, and its hot as hell. I couldn't even fathom drinking hot-ass milk thats been baking in the heat...euughh.

Longlife milk...well thats another attampt at having a flowing supply of the white stuff, but really....its pretty gross, full of preservatives, doen;t have the nutritional content as fresh milk, and tastes like...well shit really.

To have cold, fresh milk on a tap in your kitchen would seem like an unaccomplishable dream come-true. For me at least. You have to consider that its perishable so you cant just pump it through a traditional tap and expect it to stay fresh and consumable without the risk of probably death or something equally horrible happening to you.

So what I propose is this. People (like myself) who live in a compound should have a small transparent lockable refrigerated unit on the outside wall of their house (preferably near the kitchen) that holds a few cartons of milk. There would be a tube in the unit that gets inserted into the milk carton and aided by a pump sends cold fresh milk to your Milktap on your kitchen counter. Thus, the milkman sees when your out of milk, or nearly out of milk and replenishes the stock. You agree with the milkman on what your households minimum daily milk requirement is, and they meet this every morning. If you require any extra, you simply slip a note into the outside unit and instruct them of this.

This wouldn't be disgusting, or unsanitary, and could be easily cleaned by pumping water through the tube every so often.

Maybe even different taps for skimmed, semi, and full. but that asking a bit too much really.

shinobi, Nov 16 2005


       Milk goes off so quickly and easily, this would only be worth doing if your milk consumption was humongous.
DrCurry, Nov 16 2005

       //full of preservatives, doen;t have the nutritional content as fresh milk//
Incorrect on both counts.
angel, Nov 16 2005

       //Tell me that milk isn't an issue in your household.// Milk isn't an issue in my household. There, I've told you.
coprocephalous, Nov 16 2005

       \\This wouldn't be disgusting, or unsanitary,\\ Umm... mixing fresh milk with milk several days old strikes me as unsanitary.   

       And anyway, this still requires deliveries by the milkman - wasn't the whole point of this that you didn't have one? Big fat bone for gaping logical hole in argument.
moomintroll, Nov 16 2005

       Cleaning would be an issue, as would the milk in the tube outside the refrigerated area. Why not just create a milk delivery company that provides small solar powered refrigerators? Or just plug in a small refrigerator outside.
Worldgineer, Nov 16 2005

       I propose that you develop a new soft drink, called "Dubai Dew". How can it go wrong?
bungston, Nov 16 2005

       That's spelled "WWW", right?
moomintroll, Nov 16 2005

       bastards...the lot of you.
shinobi, Nov 16 2005

       you'll regret that in the morning :)   

       we're probably all thinking cheese taps...
po, Nov 16 2005

       A friend of mine once told me about a time when he came home rather drunk and decided that it would be a good idea to make cheese by pouring milk all over the radiator.
hidden truths, Nov 16 2005


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