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milk warmer

a creamer with legs
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A cylindrical creamer with about ten little cylindrical legs that will fit inside of a mug. You fill the thing with milk and set it inside of your mug, which is half-full of hot water. This simultaneously warms the milk and the mug.
nomocrow, Mar 07 2010


       What is a creamer? By your brief description it does not sound like a thing that makes cream.
pocmloc, Mar 07 2010

       So, not a..ah, never mind.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2010

       why ten legs? funny how its the little things ...   

       why hot water and not hot coffee? could it be cow-shaped with just 4 legs and an udder?
po, Mar 07 2010

       I like my coffee milky - and therefore often have to imbibe tepid coffee.   

wagster, Mar 07 2010

       what [MaxwellBuchanan] said
pertinax, Mar 07 2010

       if I read this right, you're trying to prewarm the mug (laudable) and the milk/cream (not so much) ? Seems rather complicated.
FlyingToaster, Mar 07 2010

       Depends on how much milk one is using - it's not worth it for just a dash of cream, true, but for the 50ml or so of milk in my coffee, it might make a difference. Problems: fishing the warm milk out of the hot water; dirtying another dish.
jutta, Mar 08 2010

       Sounds complex and difficult to use and to clean. Surely a more elegant solution is a sort of juglette with an inner cylinder. Pour milk in the outer portion, hot water in the inner, wait, pour out warmed milk. The inner portion would have an offset opening: milk pours out when you tip it one way, water when you tip it the other.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2010

       " a more elegant solution is a sort of juglette ".   

       Google image search for jugalette. Down with the clown and all that.
normzone, Mar 08 2010

       Needs a new name, for some reason, I think.
blissmiss, Mar 08 2010

       //sounds complex//   

       it's just a cylindrical cream dispenser that fits inside of a cofee mug. The legs provide surface area. Made of ceramic or metal, dishwasher safe, the top could extend beyond the top of the mug. The milk would be held mostly in the little legs. The legs could look like little pie wedges in cross- section, any convenient shape that would icrease internal and external surface area.   

       Maybe it's just me, but I always prewarm mugs, carafe/teapot and milk. I've already got hot water, so this would eliminate a dish and the possibility of scalding the milk.
nomocrow, Mar 09 2010


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