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Milk flavoring

Baby taste treats!
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It is said that newborn babies have many times the taste buds that adults do. Yet babies eat a very monotonous diet of milk. What are all those taste buds doing? I suspect that mostly they are cause for fuss, as babies detect very small flavors in the milk they drink.

Why should milk taste different from day to day? It is a result of the mother's diet. It is well known that garlic crosses into milk, and mothers are cautioned to avoid hot foods as the capsaicin can also cross. Many other flavors must also cross into milk. No doubt some are appealing to babies, and others revolting.

These new milk flavor packets are capsules containing flavor items which cross into milk, and which babies find appealing. One might contain cumin and cloves, one minty flavors, one nutmeg and onions, etc. Once flavors can be controlled (or at least the flavors from the diet outweighed by the concentrates in the flavor packet), testing will need to be done to find out which flavors are most liked by babies.

These flavor packs might also be used by person who are lactating for weight loss reasons and wish to use the milk to produced flavored cheeses.

bungston, Oct 31 2003

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