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All hydraulic-mechanical machinery , driven by muscle, to give a finer product.
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This gym, in a whir of of cog ratios and micro pistons, grinds stuff. Start low, grind some PET, move up, crunch some aluminum cans.

But there is a problem, though, Major stuff needs more power than a puny muscled human can generate. The solution, we group all efforts in a additive hydraulic squeeze. The more people that use muscle to oxidize the glucose, the greater the collective pressure stored..

Each personal effort is measured via the momentum milking machinery's mechanical counter. This is the credit that the patron accumulates.with force exerted. On finishing the session, each pumped gym goer, has credit and the Miller's mechanism now has a tiny energy state increase. Time to spend the credit. The exit has five staged mechanisms each with total counters.

There's the standard door shutting car crush. And there is the chewing mangle, driven by a huge counter weight, to downsize the big, harder materials.

There's a heavy wrecking hammer that needs height, which depending on counter position, may be worth taking a few slower hydration sips before exiting.

As with society, there is a counter for the societal housekeeping. Effort is used for the conveyors and generators hot showers and lighting. This is materialised as the speed of a giant pachinko machine with endless bouncing tiny ball bearings.

And of course, some of the machines need some boost balancing for those lower settings used by newbies. The level on a High Striker indicates this. When the bell goes, it is an unwritten gym rule, three more reps.

Choose the counters to advance, walk away spent. One of the major releases will eventually reset, just have to visit more to catch it.

Oh, and Miller's makes fine grade, recycled materials.

wjt, Jan 18 2021

Hydraulic accumulator https://en.wikipedi...lator#Raised_weight
Baked and WKTE [8th of 7, Jan 18 2021]


       Miller's ? The apostrophy in "Miller's" is for what purpose (sic)?
xenzag, Jan 18 2021

       Presumably the gym is named "Miller's" as in "the gym that belongs to a miller"
Voice, Jan 18 2021

       Then it would be called Miller's Gym.
xenzag, Jan 18 2021

       Why would you have to add the word Gym? Lest people mistake it for a library?
Voice, Jan 18 2021

       In a perfect world, Mr Miller's first name would be Jim. And he'd be friends with a chap called Rory Liber who had shares in a string of private book-lending establishments up and down the East Coast.   

       Jim Miller's Gym (aka Jim's Gym) and Rory Liber's Libraries were the talk of the town until one day Geoffrey Donuts arrived on the last boat in from up-state and opened a successful petshop franchise before tragically becoming fatally engulfed in a freak manatee accident, leaving the entire business to his son Duncan in his notarised final wishes (drawn up in a legal document by the local partnership; Last, Will and Testament).   

       Duncan swapped the pet-franchise with a lady called Polly Amorous and in return took on the deep-fried batter concern we all know and love today.
zen_tom, Jan 18 2021

       A library gym is a great idea. You could have a book lectern in front of the machines or whatever things you have in gyms, so that the gymming people could read whilst they gym.
pocmloc, Jan 18 2021

       We used to have neighbors directly across from us, that milled about all day long. With curtains open, you could see them sort of like disorganized pacing. Side to side. All-day long. The character changed but the same behavior would continue.   

       I named them The Millers, of course.
blissmiss, Jan 18 2021

       A pump-storage scheme, lifting water into a header tank, would be a more flexible option.   

       Then you could call it "pumping water" instead of "pumping iron", though that doesn't sound quite so macho ...
8th of 7, Jan 18 2021

       So have a pump storage scheme lifting a very large iron weight. Come on you have to think a little bit if you want to be here. I can't invent everything myself you know/
pocmloc, Jan 18 2021

       // lifting a very large iron weight. //   

8th of 7, Jan 18 2021

       //have a pump storage scheme lifting a very large iron weight.//   

       But artistically done with all forms of the human body, gym attired, standing around, awe inspired.   

       Think being inside the Marble Machine X, recursively pushing smaller marbles to accumulate motion on the giant marbles. With greek forms.
wjt, Jan 19 2021


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