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Mime Creation

Inspired by Mr David Blaine and nasty footage of captive bears.
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When animals are kept in confined spaces for considerable periods of time, they go a bit mental. If kept in small crates, they will compulsively shuffle back and forth, to the maximum extent of possible movement. If they are ever released, they will often continue to perform this shuffling, unable to comprehend that they can move wherever they like.

Assuming that the same phenomenon would manifest itself in humans subjected to similar treatment, a new tiny glass-walled cell should be available as a criminal punishment. At the end of a sentence in such a box, society should be minus one criminal and plus one fully functioning street performer.

For the sake of diversity, create other cells featuring very strong winds, or heavy suitcases or whatever.

calum, Oct 01 2003

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       So you're saying there's a chance that David Blaine could go crazy?
Imagine that.
Amos Kito, Oct 01 2003

       I can't believe that you could suggest something so disgusting, so inhumane : create *more* mimes? The third lowest form of life on this planet? No criminal, or society, deserves that. :P   

       I would vote for this idea if it were to take existing mimes, and put them in these boxes.
Detly, Oct 01 2003

       Sorry, this is cruel and unusual. (Inflicting more mimes on society, that is.)
DrCurry, Oct 02 2003

       Curry, what? mimes are kool.
The Kat, Oct 03 2003

       I simply kannot abide the replaking of c's with k's. A disgusting habit.   

       Wherever we put the mimes, the following message should be skrawled on a large surfake nearby: "LEARN THE WORDS."
Eugene, Oct 03 2003

       //I simply kannot abide the replaking of c's with k's.// Did you mean //I simply cannot abide the replacing of c's with c's.//?
FarmerJohn, Oct 03 2003

       This idea is soooo kruel.... I like it, mwahahaha.   

       And [Eugene], I'm with you on the replacement of c's. I hadn't realized it's a phenomenon that goes on in every language, performed mostly by "wannabe cool" teenagers.
Pericles, Oct 05 2003

       sp. "kewl"
DrCurry, Oct 05 2003

       //sp. "kewl"//
sp. "k3w311"

       //I would vote for this idea if it were to take existing mimes, and put them in these boxes.//
Hmmm, a renondeprogramming centre for aberrant mimes. It'd be a worry - it might create militant 7th Dan ubermimes who will fanatically and perfectly mime all day and all night, irrespective of the presence of an audience. Perhaps if a "trapped in a glass box" mime were punished with a "high winds" box, his mind would be rent, reducing him to a semi-insensible state. Or perhaps he'd become more powerful. Either way, we'll give it a shot. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not.
calum, Oct 05 2003

       [calum] I said nothing about letting them out. Ever.
Detly, Oct 06 2003

       I like the way you think. I'm not sure about your Melmac policies, though.
Detly, Dec 23 2003

       <silentscream>let me outta here!</silentscream>
DesertFox, Jun 21 2004


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