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Miniature golf style bowling

Yes, complete with windmill.
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Ripped off from the spiral bowling idea. A miniature golf course with curvy bowling lanes instead of outdoor-carpeted golf ball paths, like rolling balls down a curvy luge course with pins at the end. In miniature golf, you have a golf ball bounce off a bumper. With this, you'd have a curved, banked lane that the bowling ball would follow. You walk through and bowl the variously shaped different lanes in the course, two rolls per course just like in bowling.
doctorremulac3, Jun 04 2005


       The pins don't necessarily have to be all at the end. Some pins could be placed along the lane and you'd have to hit those pins (or even knock them into other pins) to get a strike.   

       Strategy might even include rolling the ball over a fallen pin (on your second shot) in order to kick it into other obstacles.
phundug, Feb 13 2008


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