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Mile High Bowling

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Utilise the aisles of passenger aircraft for a game of ten pin bowling whilst at cruising altitude.

This might even start a trend in variations of mile high sporting activities.

skinflaps, Jun 11 2006


       it makes sense, though noisy whilst trying to sleep.
benfrost, Jun 11 2006

       I'm not sure you could really compair it to ground level bowling since the movement of the aircraft would introduce a level of randomness or luck into the game. Still could be fun.   

       What about asle seat passenger injuries when the ball skips the "lane"?   

       Or passengers becomming "pins" when they stand up to go to the bathroom?   

       There are some issues to work out here.
James Newton, Jun 11 2006

       If the bowling balls were too heavy the movement of them from front to back of plane could make it crash.   

       OK, it couldn't, but you know.
Germanicus, Jun 11 2006

       Make sure to re-enforce that cockpit door.   

       and the toilet..
skinflaps, Jun 11 2006


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