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Mingpin Bowling

ten-pin bowling with vases
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Mingpin Bowling takes place in a ten-pin bowling alley using all of the same equipment and rules except for the wooden pins, which have been replaced with delicate Chinese ornamental vases.

They are of course not the ultra expensive original Mings, but factory-made, mass-produced replicas, and even then they are the ones that have been rejected as being imperfect, so they would have been destroyed anyway.

Think of the satisfaction as the heavy ball smashes the fragile vases into a million fragments, which are swept away at the end of each game and replaced with a fresh batch.

Rich Idiot's Space Ship Version (called Rocketpin) replaces the pins with plastic models of Bezos, Musk and Branson's spaceships.

xenzag, Jan 31 2023


       [+] Can you also make politician pins? Different sets of politico-pins could be made for all parties.
a1, Jan 31 2023

       You can place just about anything in the path of the ball on a ten-pin bowling alley. I had also thought of a large jaw with teeth to break up.
xenzag, Jan 31 2023

       At the school fete my father used to run the Crockery Smashing stall. He would arrange all the donated old plates cups and vases on shelves and wooden stands. Then the punters would pay 20p for three throws with a cricket ball. He usually took the most money of all the other side-shows
pocmloc, Jan 31 2023

       xen, I think this is too close to yours. I'll delete mine if you would like. I love yours as much as mine.   

       edited to apologize to xennie, and pony up to my secret child.
blissmiss, Feb 04 2023

       No need for anyone to delete anything - they're different ideas for the most part. I see one taking place on a lawn or hallway carpet and the other being fully automated at the end of an industrial process.
xenzag, Feb 04 2023

       I agree, the idea space of "throw X at a group of y" is pretty enormous, certainly big enough for all of us here.   

       If we ever end up arguing about who was the first person to think of throwing a thing at another thing...
pocmloc, Feb 04 2023

       Shut up and take my money.   

       Oh good. I guess the secret is out now. xen is my eldest son, and we think alike.
blissmiss, Feb 05 2023


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