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Mirrored Pint Glass

Get a 180 degree view in the pub
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in the pub, if your mates are looking over your shoulder, and it's rude to turn round and stare at whatever they are gawking at, what better than a handy reflective pint glass so you can look discreetly as well?

Would also help prevent being barged into by people in an awful hurry.

danilo, Aug 07 2001


       You mean you've never taken a periscope down the pub with you?
-alx, Aug 07 2001

       I thought this was going to be about having a mirror on the bottom of your glass, so you could look down into it and see the true face of your own sodden misery. That would be a mirrored whisky glass, though, wouldn't it?   

       Couldn't you just drink Guinness, the blackness of which should provide an adequately reflective surface?
Guy Fox, Aug 07 2001

       This system has already been "prototyped" using Guinness, an astoundingly unsuccessful experiment. I think it would need a reflective "sunglasses" style coating. The effects of having your own face(with enhanced nose due to fish-eye effect) as the primary object in the view have not yet been considered, and may make the idea unviable for obvious reasons.
danilo, Aug 07 2001

       Wear a suit of armor, that's what I do - glance at your wrist armor and see reflection.
thumbwax, Aug 07 2001

       this is a pretty good idea! it might boost patrons self esteem if the pubs offered mirrored glasses. think about it . . . . everybody else looks better when you are drunk, why not yourself!!!!!!!!
daisyjane, Aug 07 2001


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