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Lava Glass

Surround your drink with dancing blobs.
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Since the inspiration for the lava lamp was at a pub, it would seem suitable to have lava glasses or beer mugs at a pub or disco. Picture a San Francisco with green, moving bubbles, a café latte inside bouncing, black blobs or a Guinness surrounded by excited, beige balls.

The basic design would be a double walled glass to contain the lava liquids with insulation (third wall?) from a cold drink and a light and heat source via induction. On the tables and on or behind the bar would be induction points for powering the lava glasses. Even the empty glasses would afford a colorful display at the bar as they are warmed up.

There are drinks called Lava Lamp, but a lava lamp drink with movement could probably be achieved with liquids of the correct density and insolubility in one of these glasses with or without surrounding blobs.

FarmerJohn, Aug 10 2002

Re: Orbitz Soda http://www.retrocru...archive2003/orbitz/
Tangentially similar to a lava lamp drink, and doesn't require a power source. Or taste buds, according to the author. Perhaps the soda could be used to fill the void in clear double-walled glasses. [jurist, Sep 12 2005]


       So was I, UnaBubba.   

       Anyway, perhaps you could move the heating element out of the glasses, and have heat and lighting coming from the bar. Because they're probably going to be a little heavy...   

       Although if you stick with the in-glass element, you could have cooling at the top as well as heating at the bottom for a longer lasting effect.   

       I like the idea of having an actual lava-lamp drink itself.. although I doubt there is a good combination of immiscable, drinkable liquids with the appropriate density change properties which also taste good.
Loris, Aug 10 2002

       Good points. I like the idea of continued movement and light at the table and induction would eliminate burn risk.
FarmerJohn, Aug 10 2002

       I'd like a giant lava blob, a lava globe with a 1/2 metre radius. Why confine it to glasses, how about a window pain with two colours so that the dark colour takes over as it heats up like a sunscreen and vice versa.
edski, Aug 10 2002

       Have you not seen those double-walled plastic glasses containing colored oils and water that achieve this very effect, no technology required? Baked, I say.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2002

       Dr: Do the back-lit blobs continue to move like mating and dividing amoebae?   

       edski: I think a window add-on as decoration instead of sunscreen, with the liquids powered by the sun and cooled in the upper, shaded edge, would be interesting too.
FarmerJohn, Aug 11 2002

       Yeah, if you hold the glass up to the light as you drink.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2002

       A pre-search before posting LavaJava finds this gem.   

       Bun and churn.   

       Actually about 10 years ago I remember my mum buying me a soft drink, inside a clear plastic can was a lemonade or similar clear fizzy drink. Floating at random depths were small blobs of jelly, I don't think they were particularly popular, that was the only time I ever saw them.
fridge duck, Sep 11 2005

       The drink was called Orbitz here [fridge duck]   


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