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Mixer Pants

Keeps you cool, looks good and mixes tasty drinks while you exercise
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These pants would be made of two rubber layers enclosing a space in which drink ingredients could be stored. A zipper-type seal just below the waist allows crushed ice and other ingredients such as juice or mixer to be poured into the pants before exercise is begun. Additionally, each leg is divided into a front and rear channel, each of which stretches around half the circumfrence of the leg, and several soft rubber one-way valves encourage fluid to circulate as the user runs. The pants include booties with channels for ice chunks beneath the feet, so that the action of running causes ice to be crushed.

The outer rubber layer would be clear, and the inner rubber layer would be white interspersed with flashing LEDs, allowing all watchers to marvel at the user's good taste in both fashion and drink-mixing. A tube leading up from the pants allows the user to conveniently enjoy their drink. The ice chunks absorb the heat created from exercising (use more if longer workouts are desired) and the weight of the fluid increases resistance, contributing to a more intense exercise experience.

sninctown, Apr 22 2008


       "Shaken, not stirred".
normzone, Apr 22 2008

       If the ice is stuck at the bottom, under your feet (for crushing), then it won't be so effective at cooling the drink.   

       Meanwhile, that ice layer won't give you such a good push-off from the ground as your normal air-cushioned comfort.   

       Also, these //two rubber layers// don't sound very breathable.   

       So you're sweating profusely, jogging lamely with faint crunching and squelching noises and taking occasional sips of tepid alcohol. Let us know when it starts to look good. ;)
pertinax, Apr 22 2008


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