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sit & shit pants lit

dropped, printed trousers
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Never again stuck on the pot with nary a magazine to while away the down time. Instead of counting the tiles, folding toilet paper origami or reading, “Medium Mediano 100% cotton/algodon…” on your slacks label, you can edify and amuse yourself by perusing the inside of your pants.

In fine text, on the inside surface, on either side of the zipper would be printed pearls of literature. Even real men would lower themselves to pee and get a closer look at a collection of humorous anecdotes, famous quotes, interesting statistics, bathroom graffiti, limericks, etc.

FarmerJohn, Mar 17 2004


       "Why am I using a magnifying glass? Oh, ... "
dpsyplc, Mar 17 2004

       Advice on how to tell your fortune from your poop type.
phundug, Mar 17 2004

       I think toilet paper with text is better, and it already exists. Bathroom readers are nice too. But reading text on your pants doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Personally, I have a very poorly advertised PDA watch which has a few fun games on it. It works quite well for bathroom use. It is perfectly possible to stick plain-text e-books or whatever into it if I need bathrrom reading. Actually, a regular PDA would work for this too, but a watch is nicer.
aguydude, Mar 17 2004

       You could put e-paper in your pants and such to hook into the wireless hotspots and there would have something that would never get someone bored. Then you could sell a product for people with bowel problems due to the fact that they spend too much time on the toilet. A product that helps sell other products. Always a +
sartep, Mar 18 2004

       the connotation of the title is so bad that that i couldn't bring myself to imagine that anything good would be "written" on the inside of the pants. A comma or simicolon (NPI) please!
WcW, Aug 30 2008


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