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Sandpaper Slacks

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Ladies, competitive swimmers and cyclists, forget about shaving. Abrade your way to smoother legs with sandpaper lined slacks.

Or alternatively turn them inside out and make snow angels on your neighbour's hardwood floor.

grackle, May 11 2001

Hair removal with sandpaper http://www.mestern.net/pm/ohio.html
WWII, "mitts", and auto body repair. [hello_c, May 11 2001]

Hair removal with sandpaper http://mestern.net/simple/memo13.php
WWII, "mitts", and auto body repair. [hello_c, Oct 04 2004]

wear this under them http://www.halfbake.../burlap_20underwear
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]


       Sandpaper removes hair? That's news...
globaltourniquet, May 12 2001

       I know it removes skin if it's coarse enough. I can't remember if there was hair left or not. I just can't think of a reason I'd want even the inside-out kind, I guess.
Dog Ed, May 12 2001

       ramblers can where them, it should be mandantory!
edski, May 13 2001

       Dog Ed: That's a rather abrasive comment.
nick_n_uit, May 13 2001

       nick_n_uit: Yeah, it left me feeling a little raw too.
Dog Ed, May 14 2001

       Awful puns aside, this idea could be a winner. No more scratching your nuts/butt in public; just simply squirm around a bit. Of COARSE the sandpaper would have to be relatively fine if you were to avoid serious chafing.
Ivy, May 14 2001

       Well, there's precedent; see "mitts" link.
hello_c, May 15 2001

       i dig the inside-out....mischevious AND practical. sure would be useful for carving out a "comfortable groove" in park benches and the like.
subgenius, Jul 05 2002

       Instead of those anti-static additives to your laundry detergent add something highly radioactive. The radiation will make the hairs fall out without any pain and at the same time the air will be ionized enough to prevent the buildup of any charges.   

       Finally a market for all that nuclear waste.
kbecker, Jun 13 2003


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