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Magnesium Flares

Combustible pants for burning up the dance floor.
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Flared leg-wear with two layers: a fashionably patterned outer layer impregnated with vertical magnesium strips, and a fire- and heat-retardant inner layer.

At various points throughout the night, the magnesium can be ingited with a lighter. Within seconds, it will sear a path from your belt to your platforms, guaranteeing that you'll stand out from the crowd.

Depending on the efficacy of the fire-retardant layer, your pants may gradually become tattered and fall of over the course of the night.

vigilante, Nov 01 2004

flashsuit http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/flashsuit
Inspired by ~this~ from [Mr Piddlesworth] [vigilante, Nov 01 2004]

Combustion of magnesium http://www.madsci.o...980275694.Ch.r.html
At 2,800C, you'd better have more than fire-retardant clothing. [Worldgineer, Nov 01 2004]


       [marked-for-deletion] pun.
etherman, Nov 01 2004

       I have to disagree [etherman]. The name's a pun, but there's an idea in there too - I always assumed the pun [m-f-d] was reserved for ideas that had nothing going for them but the pun. If you extended it to cover everything with a punny name, half the bakery would disappear overnight. [+]
DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

       True, Doc, but is the idea, once cleared of pun infraction an original idea? Does it differ in any meaningful way from other fire stunt suits beyond the specific choice of fuel?
bristolz, Nov 01 2004

       I have to protest against the (very quick) m-f-d, for all the reasons the Doc mentions. [bristolz], I was concerned this might be seen as an overly-complicated stunt suit, but I think both the disposable nature of it, and the fast rate of burn, set it apart.
vigilante, Nov 01 2004

       On dance night, use Thermite
Nothing else will do.
Mg flares, please beware
sub-standard sparks ensue
Ling, Nov 02 2004

       I think [vigilante] has a point - comparing mag burns to other fire suits is a bit like comparing a camp fire to a gunpowder explosion. However, [World] notes an interesting problem with the fuel choice which might scuttle the idea altogether. It looks ok to me bar the problem [World] has found, but I haven't been here that long so could very well be wrong. I shall watch from the shadows, and see what happens to this idea, and thus learn of punning rules. [scuttles off]
DocBrown, Nov 02 2004

       Maurice Gibb is turning in his grave
Gridley, Nov 02 2004

       Both campfire fuels and gunpowder deflagrate (rather than explode or detonate) but just at very different scales so the comparison is quite apt.
bristolz, Nov 02 2004

       Lovely word [bris]. I shall add it to my "learned at the HB" list for this week, behind elementary projectile physics and bagel recipes. Thank you.
DocBrown, Nov 02 2004

       Unfortunately, so too is everybody dancing around him.
vigilante, Nov 05 2004


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